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  • opalockamishabob opalockamishabob Mar 3, 2013 10:53 PM Flag

    O.T. Fox News Item...

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    • Sorry! Hit the ENTER bar. Anyway this was on FOX news tonight; perhaps you saw it also.

      "Swiss voters are expected to ratify a measure to boost shareholders' say of executive pay---the so-called "rip off" initiative is designed to prevent CEO's from receiving large bonuses even when their companies perform poorly...measure would also ban signing and leaving bonuses for Sr managers and push for greater transparency."

      I agree with this up to a point. There should also be an "incentive clauses" to induce and encourage management to "use their heads". When goals are achieved that help the company/shareholder prosper, over and above PREVIOUS levels, those responsible should be rewarded.

      Conversely, when things go south, below PREVIOUS lows, salary/compensation will undergo a review of company as well as shareholder personnel

      Some might say, "That's unfair. The decline may be out of my control." If it's a general market decline, that's understandable. I'm referring to a sustained decline because of some misappropriation, hanky-panky or outright buffoonery.

      I would also respond by saying if you are a CEO, EVERYTHING is under your control, or should be. That's why you have division managers. If you can't keep tabs on your managers and the managers can't keep tabs on the employees, then neither of you are fulfilling your fiduciary responsibility to your employees and to your shareholders. You are jeopardizing your employment with the company. As such, the shareholders need to be shielded and protected from your nonsense. It's their money at stake here.

      Your status as CEO will be scrutinized very carefully.

      Now, how many potential management officers would ever consent to such a contract, is another matter.

      What say you?

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