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  • richardaspinwall richardaspinwall Oct 22, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    Apple rotten....

    my guess would be someone has been told apple does not need them any longer. definitely a inside job somewhere. you longs may want to lawyer up soon. this thing is going down fast

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    • #$%$ apple. I hear so many talking about apple because CI is trying to work them. The new leaders in Apple are slow and trying to do things themselves. The only way to move fast is to buy out companies. I would recommend CI to go after IBM or even better Google, as far as companies to acquire Nuan. Google does not mess around. They have the new google glass which is getting into the only thing that Nuan makes money at, health care. GG in conjunction with some of Nuance products, patents, etc. may do something. Nuance may be able to aid Google to move faster as well. Just a thought. Bottom line, Voice will be the next hit of this decade. The current management are fools and will take a lifetime to turn Nuan into anything, with their slow pace. By that time, someone else will already be there in 10% time. Those smart players, if they buy Nuan, can get there even faster. Bottom line with this industry being so key and competitive now, the one that buys Nuance will hit the home run. We know Nuan can't do it on it's own.

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    • And here I thought you were moving on to other stocks. But you're still here, doling out kind-hearted advice to those less in the know. Thanks again!

    • I think you're right. When Ricci bought that personal assistant company, Cook decided to through him overboard. But Siri revenue wasn't ever very much anyway (never reported, but probably given away for free). And there's always that IC connection between the two companies. Love to hear an explanation.

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