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  • chrluo chrluo Nov 8, 2013 5:09 PM Flag

    Why is nuance so weak when the market is roaring

    Does anybody havee any insight into why the street is so down on NUAN? I am long and am wondering if I should add to my position. Losing a lot of paper money currently.

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    • "Does anybody havee any insight into why the street is so down on NUAN?"

      It shouldn't matter a tinker's damn WHY NUAN is so weak. What should matter is that you are jeopardizing valuable, hard earned capital, if you think that "doubling down" on this stock is smart and worthwhile endeavor. It isn't.

      According to IBD, 95% of the general market is performing BETTER than NUAN currently. NINETY-FIVE PERCENT!

      Currently, NUAN is a v-e-r-y poor place to invest your money...and for the foreseeable future, in my opinion. Why and for how long CI is in NUAN only he and God know for certain!

      You should never invest hard earned money in a stock that m-a-y-b-e is a candidate for a buyout! If only..! There are far too many things that can go wrong with rumors like this...and far too many great stocks to chose from in the above mentioned 95%, to waste you money on this "albatross".

      Ask anyone who has owned NUAN for an extended period of time...if they would buy NUAN now. If they are honest they will echo my sentiments.

      Stay the devil away from NUAN.

    • Nobody knows...I would consider NUAN a speculative hold and invest accordingly. Although besides potential uptick at some point due to Icahn, NUAN also holds a lot of patents which also increases its intrinsic value, for the entire company or parts thereof if sold:

      "Nuance has a strong patent position — approximately 2,800 patents and 1,100 patent applications — to protect its technology. It’s that combination — strong technology and patent position alongside a stellar customer base — that not only makes Nuance a stock to own, it also makes it a potential takeout candidate."

      -- Forbes 3/27/2013

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      • I long NUAN lots of shares and losing BIG. If Forbes 3/27/2013 news is so good, why investors sold this stock for 9 consecutive weeks? It is a ugly chart. When can this ugly duck turn to swan? NUAN has new 52 weeks low so many times that makes me very worry. I am holding painfully. Who is selling this stock? When will sell-off stop?

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