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  • nzj77 nzj77 Apr 24, 2011 10:51 AM Flag

    Welcome to the mid 1990s again.

    Hello everyone,

    A few of you are already smart enough to know this, but for those that are not aware, you should know that you are getting in almost at the ground floor of another raging bull market not seen since the mid 90s.

    There's a paradigm shift underway which will drive Chinese IPOs to highs never before seen. For bear players, you may have begun to notice how unpredictable short plays are turning out recently. This will continue, until sentiment even with bears will turn bullish for the uptrend for the next two years.

    Your biggest dilemna will be which winners to pick. DANG is a sure winner because this stock will be over $80 within 12 months. I have studied it for the past 72 hours, and assuming a 10% valuation of Amazon's, the stock should reach $96/share (pre-splits) rather quickly. The company needs to prove itself by blowing away their ER on a quarterly basis, which will not be a problem.

    In the short-term (3-months) The stock will reach high $30s to low $40s. There's way too much momo with Chinese IPOs right now and RenRen is igniting this market segment in two weeks.

    My advice is not sell during big jumps, but set modest trailing stops of 15% so you don't get burned on MM drops. You don't want to regret missing the boat by selling a stock at $35, which you could have sold at $250 in 2-3 years (That's a VERY conservative assesment)

    If you have any doubts, repeat after me "I'm investing in the Amazon of China". You can also think about it this way, if this was Amazon stock you were buying, you'd only be paying $5/share for it.

    Don't forget to pick up some RenRen stock in two weeks.

    p.s. Millionaires will be made from this bull market, will you be one of them?

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