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  • tsgfui tsgfui Jul 8, 2011 6:17 PM Flag

    Tactical Bets

    The debt ceiling was raised 7x's during the Bush Admin. I really wouldn't be so worried about it. What we all should be concerned with is Italy, they're to large to bail and would cause a snowball effect through Europe that would feel like an avalanche crashing down.

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    • Yeah, Italy's another tumor. And I agree - its is a sinkhole that can't be filled if it collapses. Then again who has the money or the will to even try to help? I suspect Germany has just about had enough with bailouts.

      There may be more fires soon that need to be put out as well. Who knows what country is next to send out an SOS. Too many more and the levee will break...

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      • I agree 100% and I can't blame the German people for being mad as hell, since their work ethics far exceed all those in need of $$$. Personally, I have a few holdings I'm long, but mostly I don't get greedy and take profits often. The state of the global economy can be taken down by just a few, so I always have $ on the side ready to take advantage of such inevitable pull backs....

        As REM said "It's the end of the world as we know it" Sadly!

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