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  • farid.kanaan farid.kanaan Jul 9, 2011 2:00 AM Flag

    Tactical Bets

    USA jobs are being outsourced for cheap labor in other countries. Guess what?! Those jobs you lost aren't coming back, unless americans accept to work for 10$ a day like indians or chinese.

    How do you think corporations keep posting larger profits in these times of inflation and higher costs? Certainly not by hiring americans and giving them good salaries, benefits and retirement!

    You guys are stuck in 9% or more unemployment until your country collapses. I remember 12 years ago in high school my teacher told us that the current ruling empire which is the USA will only last for another 20 years. So you have 8 left before another country takes over.

    Good luck!
    Proud canadian here!

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    • I agree with you.. it's the sad truth.. but many Americans can't see the big picture and that our wage structures have to come down to meet the competitive advantages that China and India have if we are to ever anticipate jobs returning to America... this will also affect the property values of many people who think they have equity... housing prices will have to come down to meet the new wage levels coming to America... most people in America have no clue its all downhill from here...

      PS - not only will our wage levels have to come down to meet those offered in China and India, they will have to come down even more than what China pays, for the trans-national corporations to even consider bring them back to the USA... try getting that fact across to a nation full of Fox News dolts who think everyone who doesn't think, believe and respond to ideas as they do are not worthy of being listened to...Go Dang

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      • Agreed on the out-of-whack wage levels in the US versus the rest of the cheaper labor countries... It will be interesting however to see how China deals with wage inflation.

        As many in capitalist states have seen, once prosperity is tasted, then few settle for the appetizer menu and drive themselves toward the full buffet and eventually owning the restaurant. That is the one debilitating downfall of capitalism... eventually GREED overcomes LOGIC to the point that it creates a huge divergence between the haves and the have-nots... and in that regard, the chasm between those classes in the US is already unfillable and getting wider.

        Over time, China will have that problem too, though it will be interesting to see how their government is able to control it

      • Yes, cuz property values in London(britain) and other past empires property values have collapsed. Oh no what is America(the wealthiest and most powerful(biggest most powerful army know to man)) gonna do?? I hope we manage to survive. I'm soooooo scared!!! Btw I'm rolling my eyes

    • canada, you guys are the leftovers we didn't want ey

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