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  • checking_here checking_here Oct 8, 2011 2:43 PM Flag

    When DANG DANG DONGU report loss

    any one knows?

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    • yOU SHORTS WILL BE DESTROYED---- There are several reasons why DangDang is starting to look impressive, but the main reason is that its traffic has doubled since last October according to a leading traffic measurement service in China called

      In its IPO SEC filing, the company stated that its website had received approximately 1.61 million daily unique users in October 2010. Around its IPO I went out and checked its traffic on and roughly confirmed these numbers to be accurate. Since then I've been regularly checking its traffic and seen some very solid growth.

      According to Chinarank, Q1 traffic to DangDang increased nicely to around 2.375 million unique users per day. Traffic then popped to around 3.525 million daily uniques in Q2. Assuming these numbers are right, sales are likely exploding right now.

      So you can understand the numbers, here is some color on how this chart works. The chart below represents a 'Reach Per Million User' score in China.

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      • You know why the traffic is up???
        loser trader checking Dang web everyday and hope that wondering is dang will survive in this competitions that's why the traffic is up
        For me traffic does not really mater what's mater is sales yes ...sales, revenue and expenses
        trafic everybody can surfe in your web for no reason at all specially after they lose so much money and hope to get their money back someday

      • In the past 10 years, Dang Dang has built up one of the world's largest online shopping malls which now offers more than 300,000 kinds of books, software and other products to more than 6 million customers around the globe. It has now grown into China's largest online retailer offering almost everything from digital products to cosmetics and has also become the world's leading online seller of Chinese-language books, movies and music. was founded in 1999, and has raised more than $40 million in venture capital from DCM, Alto Global, and Softbank.
        More than 100,000 users buy from every day; it sells more than 20 million items every month.
        User base: 4.46million ] According to
        Revenue: $10 million
        Market share: 14.6% (B2C market)
        User number growth rate: 120%
        Revenue growth rate: 100%
        It offered approximately 590,000 book titles on its website, including more than 570,000 Chinese language titles, which it believe is the largest selection of Chinese language titles available both online and offline from a single retailer in China.
        Its brand is the number-one ranked brand among China’s B2C e-commerce companies for awareness, trusted online shopping experience and price-competitiveness. It has developed a large and loyal customer base through its continuing focus on creating an enjoyable online shopping experience for its customers. China currently has the largest number of internet users in the world, according to International Data Corporation, or IDC, an independent market research firm. Its goal is to become the dominant online retailer in China.
        The growing pains for Dang Dang included long and hard-fought battles with closest rival, which also ranks among the top online retailers on the Chinese market, in the form of seemingly endless price cuts and continuously expanding product lines.
        One of the highlights was when global online retailing giant, Inc planned the acquisition of a suitable Chinese online retailer and set its sights on Dang Dang. Following rounds of negotiations, Yu Yu did not accept the offer to buy her company out because she would only accept Amazon as a shareholder.

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