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  • collector_carguy collector_carguy Apr 25, 2014 1:20 PM Flag

    China Internet Sales Are Growing at 12% Per Year. VIPS Is Doing Just Fine Today.

    If this is some reaction to Amazon, it makes no sense. Amazon never makes any money. That freaky bald headed weirdo is always chasing some scheme and wasting money. American is growing at less than 2%.
    China is growing their economy at roughly 7.4%, but the real darling of the Chinese economy is internet sales and that's growing at better than 12%.

    That's the irony. When AMZN does well, DUNG doesn't. AMZN does poorly and DUNG tanks. It makes no sense. There is no correlation whatsoever between AMZN's market and DUNG's market.

    VIPS stock is doing fine today. There is no reason for DUNG to continue to tank. It is being manipulated, shorted against unmercifully. Corruptly.

    The fact that DUNG management does absolutely nothing to defend their shareholders is concerning. They should take this opportunity to announce earnings and give a preview. They know what earnings are. They pre-announced in the past when they had poor earnings to announce.

    Why not surprise the shorts by announcing ahead of schedule?

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    • VIPS keeping pace down the ladder with DANG today, both 8 percent ish off at the moment. Better days coming. DANG management is comfortable letting results do the talking for the company, though I too would prefer they beef up their PR department and release an occasional fluff piece to keep the pps up between earnings announcements. But we both know this is a long term winner, so hang in.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Letting results do the talking doesn't work too well, when you are up against a market that can create any scenario they want for a particular stock depending on what position they have taken. Fundamentals do not matter. The media is their friend and Chinese companies are woefully outclassed when it comes to creating positive news when faced against their competition from Bloomberg, CNBC and many financial publications. So surprise earnings might work, but if you burn big money they will make you pay.

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