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  • grinderepos grinderepos Nov 7, 2012 1:05 PM Flag

    Six months on the job slower than expected progress GET THE f%$# MOVING ALREADY

    would have expected to start to see a turn at this point. sheri needs to get some urgency and fast especially as it relates to rep motivation and product distribution issues. she has set the bar to low. Lets get a move on it already. Maybe sheri should not receive any incentive pay until we see real improvement. The reps do not get paid if they do not make a sale. These elite overpaid execs need to feel the same pressures the little ones feel.
    The board of directors at this company are totally useless and they waited WAY to long to make the necessary mgt changes. It is time to clean them out with newer people.

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    • I agree, obviously, by previous posts. You mention incentive pay...I was thinking of that today before I looked at the close. The Board seems to view incentive compensation for all the execs as an entitlement, not as something that should be earned. The China ordeal was uncovered in 2008. Everybody got big bonuses. Earning have been going down for years now, yet nothing was done to fire Jung. If you read the filing for changes in officers re: Jung, it says that the move is being made to get rid of her as chair "without cause," which means they found her work admirable and have asked her to stay on as a Senior Consultant. The dividend was cut dramatically...Sheri came out and stated that a "turnaround" would take at least 3 years. That's a LONG time. The word turnaround implies things are going poorly. This is sooooo WRONG...

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      • Representatives need to remember a few things.

        First, you do not work for Avon. You are NOT Avon employees. You are independent contractors and you work for yourself. Second, Avon is a big corporation and big corporate officers are going to run it like any other big corporate wall street dependent corporation whether you like it or not. Your #$%$ will never make a difference to them. And third, in working for yourself, you have the choice to sell any number of brands with Avon being but one of your choices. You could sell Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Silpada (also Avon), Oriflame, Usana, Herbalife, NuSkin, Longaberger (sp?), Amway, Tupperware etc etc. The list is endless. You can sell them all. Stop #$%$ and whining like you are some sort of victim and take control and drive your own future. Every single one of Avon's actual employees makes at least 5 times more than 90% of the representatives. Go get a job in one of their facilities. God knows they have the turnover to put many of you to work. Or, pick brands to sell that give you what you want and put your hard efforts into that. If that brand is not Avon then change. You owe that to yourself.

    • Why in the world would they do that? They really don't have to do anything...get real. It's $50,000. or so (all expenses paid) just to show up and shoot the breeze with Andrea. Hasan is a sell expert...hell, I coulda sold 'em for $30. a year ago...(as an exec to another entity). What the hell has he sold in the 3 years that he's been there? This is nothing more than milking a good thing. It's actually highly unethical, but hell, we're the real suckers. Shareholders first, reps first and a least they didn't put up money...

    • maybe sheri should get MUCH MORE AGGRESSIVE WIPING OUT CORPORATE DEADBEATS --overhead cost and FAST then pass on a portion of the savings not to the remaining deadbeat mgt BUT to the hard working reps looking to just survive and make a living. Maybe it should be a company requirement for any new exec to go out in the field and make some sales calls for a few months see how it feels to do the work of the little people.
      Also start to reduce some debt and get the rating up a few notches.

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      • these pampered execs and board members need to take a pay cut and need to knock on some doors to see how the little people live. These clowns would not cut it after a week. reps in the filed starve and these big cats rake in big bucks for nothing.
        Time to take from the unproductive group at the top and pass it along to the mainstay of avp, its reps in the field generating the sales. The board of directors have lead this company into this abyss and all them should be removed. bring in new young innovative people. not these slugs.

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