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  • icgemanagementloser icgemanagementloser May 10, 2010 12:07 PM Flag

    MPON bid on 3 large tenders

    MPON bid on 3 large tenders so what's the size of the orders in dollar amounts? Anyone knows?

    Are these like $10 mln - $50 mln or $100 mln potential procurement requisites? Or simply few millions? If this company's products are so great why they haven't been receiving orders already when the spill is increasing and spreading?

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    • They have not even responded to the bids yet, that is a long way from a contract. Next, the CEO says that they are only geared up to handle one out of the three bids, even if they won them all, they could only honor one of the three. This sounds like great stuff, but they may be too small to take advantage of this opportunity.

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      • bluff....IMO, they don't need to be a major player.All they need is to get a piece of the action.They are a small company but in THE niche to be in.In order to make a difference for their business' bottom line,they wouldn't have to sell much of anything.Just what they have.(which,compared to the needs of the cleanup,doesn't amount to much!)
        A cleanup the size of this will keep a tiny company like MOP busy for a long,long time,IMO............handling what they can handle.
        No worries.I'm an electrical contractor and when construction is booming.......I don't try to get the skyscraper-sized jobs!I stay within my size and niche and believe me...........there's plenty for all.This cleanup will take a long time and a lot of it,IMO, will need very environmental-friendly methods and products in the hands of individuals and their businesses that have been compromised.I see the MOP products as those of choice for conscious individuals.Not the only products,I'm sure, but in with the bunch.Not all the toxicity will come in the form of solid lumps of tar-like oil blobs.There's been a massive amount of dispersants and a very thin sheen of oil that need to be addressed that MOP's products and others will be needed for.Let's see where this goes, but I'm sure that with the size of this spill and probable cleanup effort,we'll be needing ALL the cleanup products we can get...........and of all types.
        I'm just waiting to see if Mop's management are getting things together, instead of twiddling their thumbs........or,worst-case....working a scam.Remember where we live:Earth(not the home ONLY of the virtuous :-)


    • Obama likes em deep fried...and expensive to show off to his woman.

    • Posted by MOPN President May 5

      During the past two days we have been working diligently to respond to three separate “bid-requests” for large orders of booms for the Gulf coast. Had we shipped a container of the loose sorbent last week we would not have sufficient quantities of sorbent to fulfill these potential orders for much higher value-added products. As it is, the potential orders are large enough that we will only be able to service one of the three with our current available capacity. We felt that under the circumstances, the prudent business decision to make was to continue to negotiate on these requests, rather than take the risk that by sending a container, we would get an audience with the Coast Guard or BP. We believe VERY STRONGLY that at least one of these boom “bid-requests” will be shipped. However, we are aware that we are working in an environment where there are many unscrupulous players who do not deliver on their promises. We are being careful to do our due diligence regarding payment.

    • They may have, but are still working out the details before doing a press release.

      This is a small company scrambling to respond to the need. Be patient.

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      • It makes you wonder how much Politics (of business) is at play here, as they say it's not what you know but who you know! It seems to me that if this product IS capable of doing what they claim it can do (and I for one believe in it or I wouldn't have invested 2 1/2 yrs ago) it would build confidence for more off-shore drilling knowing that this product is out there and can be effective in lowering the cost of clean up/recovery. Hopefully the media will be talking about MOP instead of dispersants in the near future.