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  • shoogashoat shoogashoat Aug 4, 2010 12:04 PM Flag

    Carol, question

    I know you're a nice person. Don't want to see you lose any more $/profits on this company. Are you out yet? Please tell me you are.

    Standing in front of a financial nuclear bomb, as evil as the bomb is, will do nothing for you. It will wipe you out in more ways the one. Don't stress yourself anymore on all this b.s.

    good luck, Carol

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    • i hope she gets wiped out b/c they were screaming at me the entire time i was trying to warn everyone up at .25 to SELL an run !! this thing is the ultimate scam stock ! over on ihub i see some 25yr old kid showing a stock cert from MOP for 3mm shares that he claims he paid 180k for with a par value of .001 ! i mean cmon.. this thing is ubber scammy ! adn carol is the main cheerleader refusing to back down, so YES, i hope she lost everything.. ignorance comes at a price ! lol