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  • menaka12000 menaka12000 Apr 19, 2012 10:03 AM Flag

    Why isn't HBAN moving?!

    According to earnings and its performance, this stock should be around $8.30. But why isn’t this moving? Day traders and Flash traders, along with Shorts, are torturing this stocks actual market price by making quick profits with its price swings, which activities may be curtailed if the price was high. Also, because there is a large volume of shares that are outstanding, the stock has become more available for profiting on trade swings. This is partly the reason why HBAN will be using $175M on a share buy- back program. If they reverse split the stock that, I believe it will eliminate the day, flash and shorts as well.
    This is my considered view.

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    • Good comments. I would hate to see a reverse split. Would like to see some control over computer trading, flash trading.

    • davesmith49 Apr 20, 2012 4:54 PM Flag

      I don't know why it would be any harder to short or daytrade 1000 HBAN @ $7.00 than 100 shares @ $70. People started shorting Apple over $600. My brokerage won't let me short a stock below $5, and the margin requirements are higher on lower priced stocks. So it's actually easier for me to do the things you talk about with the higher priced stocks. Broader market conditions aren't right for financial stocks to move higher rapidly right now. HBAN is performing very well compared to its peers. Look at the charts of the higher priced shares JPM, GS, WFC the last few weeks, then compare to HBAN. HBAN is a solid buy on both the fundamentals, and more importantly in the short run, the technicals. Computerized trading is here to stay. The things you talk about come around to work for you just like they work against you. I'm glad I can control my own money. As a general rule I never short a stock with good fundamentals or buy one with bad fundamentals no matter what the technicals or "swing" as you call it says. Those who do the opposite are playing with fire and get burned soon enough. I know many daytraders are uneducated kids with no formal knowledge of investing. They act like idiots on message boards and move in packs which creates a perception that the markets are out of control, but really, the fools are going broke soon enough. Or that's my opinion anyway.

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