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  • rogerjames55346 rogerjames55346 May 26, 2009 3:33 PM Flag

    Kohl's Security Officer assaults young girl....

    A security officer is coming under fire for using excessive force. A 15-year old girl was detained by a loss prevention officer at the Kohl’s Department Store in West Valley, Utah.
    Police said she was accused of shoplifting, but family members and a witness question whether the manner in which she was arrested was proper.
    In fact, one of the witnesses captured the situation on her cell phone.The video showed the 15-year old girl pinned to the ground and the security officer on top of her.
    “This man grabbed my daughter’s arm and threw her to the ground and then got on top of her,” said Lourdes Montenegro who was shopping with her daughter. “My daughter kept asking what happened, what happened and I started shouting at him, what’s going on, what did she do? He would never answer us.
    ”Witnesses said the girl was pinned to the ground for about twenty minutes until police arrived. Montenegro eventually learned her daughter was accused of shoplifting. Even if that was the case, she says her daughter shouldn’t have been treated that way.
    “He threw my daughter on the ground and she wanted to move and he would twist her arm harder and then he put his knee on her back so that she wouldn’t move,” Montenegro said. According to Montenegro her daughter was looking at jewelry and took it out of the case, but her daughter claimed she put the jewelry back.
    There was a surveillance camera near the jewelry department. Kohl’s Department Store refused to comment about the case and referred all calls to West Valley Police. Police did issue a citation against the girl claiming there was evidence to support a shoplifting charge. Alvernia Segura said anyone accused of shoplifting shouldn’t be treated the way she saw the 15-year old girl was. She recorded the scene on her cell phone.
    “When I think back on it, I was just shocked,” Segura said. “I thought he could have handled it in some other manner than throwing her on the ground and sitting on top of her and bending her arm up.”Today the girl was taken to the doctor. X-rays were ordered.
    Her mother said she may have a separated shoulder. Her arm was covered with bruises.”He didn’t act like a security guard, he acted like a beast in the way the way he treated this child, that’s what this man did,” said the girl’s mother.

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    • Keep bashing KSS. Even if you are right....I'll be the girl will not shoplift again.

    • And you point is?

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      • Just another example of the pain consumers feel.

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