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  • rjschwartz7yankees rjschwartz7yankees Feb 18, 2011 12:25 PM Flag

    Stifel Nicolaus Technology, Communications & Internet Conference

    Hi Tigerpac,
    I was just looking at your commentary from the conference again. BTN seems to be in a very good place.
    Here is what I don't get. If you look at what the stock price has been doing lately, you would think people don't seem to be too excited. Frankly, given its recent quarterly performances, its industry outlook and the tremendous growth potential overseas particularly in China, not sure why this stock hasn't already blown through prior highs.

    I've read the conjecture as to whether the stock would be better served on the NASDAQ or not. Not sure how I feel about it. My view is that a growing company with good financials should be good on any large exchange...NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ. Just my thoughts.

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    • I wish I could tell you why...

      Five large funds sold significant holdings last quarter..Alydar, Driehaus, Northpoint, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Renaissance. Only two funds purchased large amounts, Ariel and Loomis Sayers.

      Short interst is 735,000 shares as 1/31/11 .

      Perhaps BTN is being lumped in with issues associated with no one believe that growth will continue after a few years. Remember, it seems like the sentiment right now is that all China growth is taken with a grain of salt because of other companies exaggerations within that country.

      I just have a gut feeling that the response to earnings will be very positive.

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      • Tigerpac thanks for the reply and the link.

        For anyone to think the Chinese growth is a flash in the pan is just plain foolish. I took a look at the insider transactions from your link. Some recent purchases were noted in January 2011. None were really large. I really don't believe you and I are wrong here on this stock. We might just need some patience and nothing more.

        I am hoping BTN earnings along with its management business narrative paints an undeniably strong picture.

        I can't imagine given the universe of stocks..shorting this one. It sure wouldn't take much for BTN to bleed the shorts given the overall float.

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