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  • brians_study brians_study Nov 9, 2012 11:52 AM Flag

    No surprises here.

    Absolutely no surprises in the earnings release.

    "We are actively focused on expanding into complementary opportunities that build upon our competencies. Ballantyne’s reputation as a customer-focused service provider with an 80-year track record of success is evidence of the Company’s ability to transition to new markets and technologies. Our strong balance sheet and strategic focus positions us for future growth."

    Really?! How long can you continue that line before someone really calls you out on it? As I posted quite a while ago - no way to sustain the cash flow from last 18 months - the giant driver is slowing significantly. And now we hear the small margins in reselling have been even less. Plus - without reducing the expenses you will have a loss per share. Now what?

    I previously posted that without another revenue stream - this will simply be a very nice $50 mil per year company that produces screens, lighting, service and monitoring. The big cash flow install card has been played. Interesting to me tho is from day 1 when Cavey came on board - there has been nothing about a deal Wilmers was working on to enhance new revenue streams nor any of the active focusing on expanding into complementary opportunities. Been quite a while now and without the new stream - price will slide.

    Now then - if the price does slide due to lack of interest to the prior $2 range - you have a market cap company of $30 mil - yet they are sitting on $37 mil in cash. Keep your eye on the prize. Why deploy it and enhance revenue share if you want to maximize cash and go private? This company will operate very nicely at a profit for private holders - and deliver a cash horde to whomever decides it's time to acquire it. Meantime - got dead money if you happen to be a bag holder.

    I sold out at $5.39 and price promptly went up a buck. I wondered if I made a mistake in selling. I did. Should have sold it much sooner. This will be the first end of year without holding some BTN in over a decade - and I feel pretty good about. Wouldn't mind being a part of a syndicate to take it private though.

    Good luck to the longs and with the direction I feel the economy is headed - it may be time to cut your losses. No crystal ball here - just looking at current situation and past experience here. All IMHO of course.

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