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  • myopian2000 myopian2000 Jul 17, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

    Sooner or later

    Bought back in yesterday at 4.40. Strictly used dead money that was just sitting in money market. Still don't like the new regime and no expectations that this issue will flourish as a publicly held entity. However - can't help looking at that $3.00 cash per share in the bank and languishing at 10% below book value.

    Something's gotta give. I expect this to continue to be dead money - but this would be a great issue taken private and could be easily financed assisted byvirtue of the cash on hand. Gotta figure someone else is looking at this thing being cash flow positive, no debt and huge cash account for such a small company. Sometime in the near term (6 - 12 months) someone's gonna have to do something with this thing - and the price will probably go up in one big pop. Ordinarily not a great reason to hold but I feel pressure building here.

    Looks to me to be worth a little dead money until that time.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Well, made 15% so far on my dead money invested here when I started this thread on 7/17. Not the move I expected - but like the acquisition - and it looks like the street does too. Wasn't sure if the initial pop would hold - but does look like BTN might have earned a little bit more run. Now just gotta figure out when to sell it and move on to something else! Good luck to all.

    • Sooner or later ...... or never. Just because a company has cash today doesn't mean it will have it tomorrow or that it will ever make it to the shareholders pockets. Don't forget about the possibility of a bad acquisition or just plain old cash burn paying management salaries as the company treads water. I am not a fan of current management so I would rather buy something with cash in more capable hands.

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      • Hey bottomsup. How's it going? I agree with you on the BTN front - but I'm strictly using it to park some cash that I have in reserve for taxes or whatever needed. I don't expect to hear much from the report Thursday or anytime in the near future. Don't see a lot of downside from these levels and just weighing the minimal money market return vs. potential if BTN does indeed make a move. Dead money anyway - may as well take a flyer on the longshot!

        Take care and here's hoping BTN mgmt. gets their thumb out of their butt and issues a dividend (longshot,) resumes buyback (little better odds,) or actually buys something at some point (possible) or goes private / sells out (more likely) in the next 12 months. Hence the hold sentiment. Had to buy before I could hold!

        Sentiment: Hold

    • Watching this management team in action is like watching the grass grow. Couldn't be less inspiring.

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