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  • unclebobbyrednecker unclebobbyrednecker Jan 22, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

    Should the Board resign?

    Fellars, lookyherenow the past four years. back around january 2009 the stock was around $1.75/share, now on January 22, 2013 it is $2.33/share. Fer all the talk and hype not much has happened has it? The lehrhoff acquistion booked a $1 million gain one quarter, then booked pert near a $1 million loss anothern quarter. take a look at the board memebrs backgrounds? Are they really qualified to give advice on tech distributors, strategy, sales planning, and how to make a profit? Not sure here but the verdict is not good in my view. The stock price tells the story. I had high hopes on thissen but now when the board is makin' a good buck fer per poor, let me repeat POOR PERFORMANCE, how can this be justified. Cause thar a buncha good old boys? Aheem, Aheem. a question investors might need to ask is this: Is the new board worse than the old board in terms a performabnce and an outrageous compensation fer poor performance? Nowthen i don't blieve they saw the big picture in the transformation a the distibubators...........away from pc's and invto iphones, tablets, and phablets and such. how can you reward such a board and managemnt fer such porr decision makin'? Glad I sold some share in 2012 as i suspect the quarterly report in February will show anothern loss as well as the current quarterly when reported in mid-May. Bottom line fellars is somethin' needs to change here fellars. Kidston got roughly 10% a the stock and iffen he wants to lose value, then jest keep payin' the board outrageous fees and shares options. that will dom his investorment and others as well.

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    • Have you met the board members? They aren't a bunch of "good ole boys". Kidston is very young for his seat, but extremely capable. He's made money everywhere that he's been. This is the first time in the company's 30+ years that they have actually had a true LEADER. It's going to take more than 6 months for Bob to turn this thing around.

      Have faith...this isn't Kidston's fault. You can blame the Diamonds for this mess...still. Getting JE out was LONG overdue. He provided zero value to the company.

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