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  • unclebobbyrednecker unclebobbyrednecker Feb 8, 2013 10:49 AM Flag

    Still lookin' fer a loss on Feb. 13.

    Fellars, it lookyslike thars some kind a catfight goin' on between Gad Capital Management, CSP, and Sam Kidston on the way SED is bein' run. Not sure where this is headin' but it could get fugly. Nowthen I am still guessin we'll see a loss a pert near 20 cents/share on Feb. 13 and perhaps a loss of revnue in the neighborhood a $20 million in sales. I caint blieve this catfight is good right now. Unless Kidston cuts board compensation fer poor, I mean POOR PERFORMANCE, the compny will slowly be led to death and Kidston & the Board's share will continue to go south. I still see a $1.75 to $2.00 share price comin' down the pike perhaps by May. Innerstin how investors othern insiders are avoidin' the stock. Maybe the best thing here is some sorta proxy fight that forces Kidston's hand and exposes Gad's future plans as well. For now, sittin' on my hands & wallet seems to be the thing to do?

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