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  • x_files_mulder_fox x_files_mulder_fox Dec 10, 2003 11:15 AM Flag

    Why going down?

    Please tell to me!!!

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    • His claims were contradictory to begin with, and I came to the conclusion that he was throwing scare tactics to unwitting investors. Read post 6233

    • He needs to substantiate more, if he were to give some advice. I did not see him posting even a single message when the stock was at $14 and he claims to have sold 50,000 stocks at $14.

      Yup!!! time will tell...Thank You

    • <Just because a person's opinion does not concur with your's, does not make them a

      While I agree with this statement 100% as written, what does make a person a moron is stating an opinion without any factual data to back up said opinion. For example, if you want to make the statement "INVX stock is worth $4.00 in my opinion," then one should give a detailed explanation on how they came up with that $ figure. Such as, "based on it's current P/S ratio relative to its competitors, based on its current PE, etc.etc.

      But when you back up your opinion with an explanation such as "It's worth $4.00 because management is a bunch of losers" or a similar statement, well then....I have to agree. The guy is a "moron."

      And he needs to learn how to spell beyond a 2nd grade level!

    • Simple, the stock is overpriced at this level.
      If you take a close look, the stock has had
      alot of down days recently. About several
      quarters ago I called in on one of INVX's
      conference calls and asked them what they
      thought of the Adflex acquistion. They would
      not admit that it was a bad acquistion at that
      time but have admitted to it since that time.
      I essential called the whole crew a bunch of
      losers at that time and that is when they did
      not want to talk to me any longer. I think that Tom P. has the most brains on the management team. I continue to think that this
      stock will go down because INVX is not a
      consistent performer and is not able to increase margins very much at all. It will all
      have to come from additional sales. If they
      buy into KRP, lord help us in that they will
      use the issuance of additional shares to delute
      you shareholders out further as well as if
      the acquistion does not work, guess who flips
      the bill. The mutual funds know this and that
      is why they are slowly lightening up on their
      stake. You can actually see it happening every
      day. If I were you shareholders, I would make
      a decision to either ride this decline out
      which will nore than likely get down to the
      $4 dollar level and then average down or sell
      and cut your loss, in the short tern anyway.
      I am not her to try to get you to sell, only
      to give good advice. The way I see it the
      individual investors is not moving this stock
      down at this time, it is the institutions.
      I will be getting interested under the $5 if
      we get there. If not I have other areas to
      deploy my cash. See you at $4.

    • Va giu` perche non vuole andare su.

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