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  • brownfootball66 brownfootball66 Feb 5, 2004 1:43 PM Flag

    when to get back in this stock?

    anyone think it is safe to buy yet? i bought at 8.90 for the last run up to 11. I'm starting to think it is a good time to buy again, unless it could still go down to 7 maybe

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    • According to Yahoo, book value is 5.48 and the company's debt is 14% of equity.

      I've never heard of anyone's calling 14% debt "swimming" in debt.

    • soon we will see the shorts capitulate.... the best part of being long

    • If I were you I would not attempt to buy
      this stock at its current price. The risk
      reward ratio just is not here because this
      is basically a one product company in a very
      volatle sector. The current stockholders here
      are stupid to that fact. I sold my shares last
      april and may and will wait for the right
      entry point which will be below $5. Then
      we can make some good money on this one. Just
      let the other holders here jaw bone each other
      until the stock comes down to our buy in price. Patience always pays off on the buy
      and sell entry and exit points, as long as
      you do not marry the stock. I am a value
      investor and there is not much value here at
      the prensent. Best to sit on cash til the
      opportunity presents itself.

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      • Why couldn't you have posted this information a day earlier ?

        I bought this stock yesterday and obviously paid $3 more than I should have according to your post.

        I am so screwed now.

        Now my only hope is that I was right and you are wrong. What are the chances?

        I guess I could turn around and sell but that isn't very manly .... changing one's mind on a whim - that's a woman's thing .... so like I said... too bad you didn't post this a day earlier , but I'm holding til I'm green ( either dead or in the money )


      • stockshort,

        Nice response... angry and desperately trying to sound sensible when confronted with the facts.... Certainly there is an emotional component to this market... but not that emotional... Angry, stupid and short is no way to go through life.

    • No yet ! INVX will be very stable when it hits $7.65. Wall street insiders and some evil analysts think the Nasdaq can go down further.

    • You don't have to buy all at once. You can nibble so that if your timing is not good the 1st try - you still have ammo left .

      You have to think ahead > which direction is the stock most likely heading when the current drop is over ... If you think its going to break support and fall further - stay away .. but if you think that the next leg will be up >> then this price level would ultimately make money ... if it goes down before up ... you can average down or say " Thank God I didn't buy as many as I had planned to " If it goes up ... your only regret is that you wished you had bought more .. but when you are making money you don't have the same regrets as somebody who is losing money.

      Stay flexible... keep your options open... makes life less stressful.