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  • dadeal1955 dadeal1955 Oct 11, 2005 10:17 PM Flag

    boy oh boy

    Murnane lies again. Who is surprised? Not me. Looks to me like Murnane's buddies can't get it up (margins that is)

    RIP Innovex. Who will be the next exec to be given their golden parachute? Or are the execs so stupid that they are going to go down the tiny titanic for lack of balls to bail on a sinking vessel. Worse yet, who are the dumb banking idiots who lend this company money? These are the guys who should be shot.

    Forrest Gump, what happened to the margins? Oh wait, you had to go hunting and the margins dropped.

    Atchison and Dauenhauer you're spending too much time at the Thai massage parlor and not enough time where you really should be.

    Bill, How are you gonna spin this one? Perhaps the BOD can give you an Oscar or an Emmy for your great performance. Bill I can tell that your Sick-Sigma (not six-sigma) implementation went well. You are consistant at disappointing. kind of like a 1-sigma.

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    • I have bot and sld this stock several times in past, and always made a profit. I bot back in today for the first 2 reasons you stated, plus the stock is well below book value. Good Luck.

    • Wakeup!

      If mgmt. was sharp, they would have succeeded in FSA. and not look for business elsewhere. They had a close relationship with Seagate, their major customer and they lost it.

      As for FPD, bet you 2 bits to a donut that it will be run into the sewer, just like FSA. Why? Because there is no mgmt. that knows what their are doing. The best description is a keystone cop operation.

    • That sounds like the captain of the Titanic saying it's just a small hole.

    • I'll give you 3 reasons.

      1.Relative to last years sept quarter, INVX is improving in earnings, revenue, and margins. This years company is better than last years.

      2.they are forcasting profits next year.

      3.their FPD is their future and they didn't report it as the causeof their weakness.

    • I'll give you two good reasons.
      1. Certify the shares you own and wipe your but with them cuz that all they're worth.

      2. Send your worthless certified shares to Murnane when he's in jail in a few years and ask him to autograph them. then sell them on EBAY.

    • good question i shud have my head examined to hold this junk but i am..if it ever gets to 5.75 where i got in i am out..wishfukk

    • <<Are there any positives at all? I don't want to add to the negativity but why would anybody hold this stock now?>>

      1. The only positive would be a total replacement of the board and mgmt, if and when. The key is the institutions and the banks that have a stake there, but no rumblings yet.

      2. People hold it because they have a loss... hope is eternal.

    • I understand your frustations.

      In the end they are really shooting themselves in the foot, because they are missing out on success, and big bucks payoffs.

      I really don't understand their mentality at running a business to the ground. Somebody called Cramer about Innovex and the guy was ringing bells, beating drums and what else telling the poor caller to sell, sell and sell. Somebody passed this on to me, so I can't vouch.

      I know, it's sad!

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