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  • jemor1961 jemor1961 Mar 17, 2008 11:14 AM Flag

    Why is TE declining

    Is Teco one of the quality assets that large holders are selling? In the current liquidity environment people will liquidate "liquid"/quality assets to cover obligations. I can not believe the yields on utilities are due to risk concerns related to the utilities buy I am beginning to wonder.

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    • I can't see anything to worry about.

      With interest rates going down (fed

      cut) it makes our stock more

      attractive because of the dividend.

      Larger holding funds, are taking their

      winners to raise cash for redemptions

      without taking a lose on their

      winners. Teco should move up as the

      market settles and yields continue to

      rise. I would say Teco is a flight to


      I would hang in there. Thank good your

      not an owner of Bear Sterns.

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      • We are not just holding we added recently to a few out of favor Utillities . This is a qaulity holding that is in questionable times . They did get in debt problems with the merchant power buildout . So TE sold off their water transport business . Now they have to prove to the street they can grow earnings through effciency and internal growth to balance the lost income .They are refinancing while the rate enviroment is good . We all know their is real inflation and rates will rise once the fed jumpstarts the economy after these qoute " problems " .
        TE isnt the sexiest play but it should get one where they need to be . PGN , GXP are in the Dogs group . Southern Utillities tend to be where once should concentrate due to population shifts .
        For us we see the GXP area as eventually benifiting from its low cost of living and agricultural / energy base . I think were closer to the end of the selling in the Utillity sector short term then the start . Long term over the decades they always have done well by us . Good Southern NG Utillity is PNY if anyone is interested .

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