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  • avdaugust avdaugust Mar 21, 2008 11:59 AM Flag

    over paid chairman.........................

    I hardly believe that running TE commands

    a pay package of 3M yearly. Creed does

    play a part in this compensation package.

    When is the investing public going to

    put a stop in paying these overpaid

    executives. Lets not even talk about

    performance at this time. Their just

    taking advantage of corporate greed.

    Its time for goverment intervention like

    the public utilities comm. to stop these

    thieves from taking advantage. Like rate

    increases the salaries plus options should

    be controlled before everyone is on

    welfare, except these thieves.

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    • I think your figure is about a million per yr short...If you will look at insider trades. Sherrill has been given 303,000 shrs of TE at a cost of 0. since Apr. 06... Thats about $ worth...That would put his compensation at about $ for last two yrs...Looks like the officers are getting mighty greedy...They just issued themselves about $2,321,418 worth of stk last month...I don't see why they don't just go to the vault and steal the money. It would save them the trouble of having to keep track of their stk certificates....Its probably about time to throw the whole bunch of greedy bastards out....

    • Yeah right, also professional athletes, ambulance chasers such as John Edwards, and especially Hollywood types who don't contribute much to the economy. The gummint can set up a bureaucracy to judge income of the above, and confiscate gross excess as they determine. Could be a boon to the Federal budget. Al Gore for example is now worth 100,000,000. Where did he get it and does he deserve it, of course not. Confiscate IT!!!!

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      • I agree many people overpaid and do little for society, especially, the ambulance chasers and similar attorneys. I do not like when Boards above extremely high salaries to themselves or the CEO who is their buddy. The pay to athletes and entertainers are way out of proportion to I think they should earn, BUT USA is a capitalizism economy, and you or me could have been the one earning the big money. Also, I do not know how people can afford tickets to sports and concerts when they say the country is in a recession.

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