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  • cadylee5261 cadylee5261 Sep 16, 2005 11:28 AM Flag

    Dok, what should I do?

    ARD at 52 WEEK HIGH!!!!!!

    Buy more, Hold, or Sell?

    You make the call. I'll do what you say.

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    • Cadylee5261,
      welcome to my group. While I can NOT predict short term stock prices I can tell you this: ARD is only going to trend higher...MUCH HIGHER.

      Warren Buffet always says, " isn't timing the is time IN the market."

      Based on Warrens advice along with my STRONG BUY rating on ARD I would increase your position. Then have dry powder to buy any dips.

      I have put my money where my mouth is: I have an EXTREMELY concentrated position in ARD. In fact I only own two stocks in all my portfolios. ARD is one of them.

      I was very pleased to see ARD up. This is a stock that is truely the BEST oil play on the planet.

      While there is risk you could buy more shares and the stock would trend lower after your purchase, it is far MORE RISKY to not own the increased position in ARD.

      In a way I am DISAPPOINTED ARD is higher because now when new funds become available I will only be able to buy fewer shares.

      I would recommend that you call Arena Resources @ 918-747-6060 and/or call Bill Parsons (Investor Relations)@ Phone: 480-947-1589. Mr. Parsons offices are located in Scottsdale, AZ. Ask for the "investor kit."

      Also I HIGHLY recommend you read Matthew Simmons book, "Twighlight in the Desert: The coming Saudi Oil Shock."

      Link to the book:

      Read my previous posts regarding ARD. You will see how POWERFUL the company really is with UNBELIEVABLE potential. With over 1.6 Bbl of oil assets per share you better bet this stock will be running on EXTREMELY HIGH OCTANE.

      I'm pleased with both Thursday and Friday performance. I think this stock may really break out to levels we don't expect. I also believe ARD is picking up a lot of fans and supporters. I know I alone have funneled many of Daddybofrees "GEOI VICTIMS" over to ARD. I feel I have helped some of these innocent people help themselves by "arming" them with information and facts.

      It is amazing how one can look at GEOI and think, "Hey maybe this is as good as it gets." However,once these folks take a look at ARD...they completely forget G-E-O-I as there really is no comparison between the companies. My comparisons using facts from SEC documents really debunk the GEOI myth that GEOI is a "gem." GEOI is nothing more than a rotting banana peel.

      ARD on the other hand is PURE GOLD....LIQUID GOLD...

      I hope after further review you will truely become EXCITED about your ownership in ARD.

      I plan on purchasing more shares as funds become available on a consistent basis.

      When you understand why oil will only become more valuable (I'm talking EXTREMELY valuable) you will be thankful you purchased ARD. ARD is the right company to own based on the future crisis that is just around the corner.

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