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  • xxzing xxzing Sep 19, 2005 10:50 AM Flag

    wonder why geoi is trading at 12's and

    able is in hi 15's. Geoi is a better stock than able anyday.

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    • Both GEOI and ABLE are speculative stocks.
      Meaning that speculative stocks can trade higher or lower for no real practical reason.

      That being said, I feel you should know if you do not already that, speculative stocks are the first to get hit when the market panics. Last go go up , first to go down.

      GEOI and able are up today because of the latest storm. It hasen't caused any damage and may not. But it is the "SPECUALTION" that it may cause a problem.

      I hope I'm not insulting your intelligence by explaining the obvious to you.

      While I'm "NOT" an expert on ABLE, I have considerable more information on GEOI.

      I feel that GEOI is fairly valued at approx $3.00-$5.00

      Good Luck! PS: hope this helps. Also I am short GEOI and feel it will trade down to the $3.00 range once the market corrects.