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  • BagOBucks BagOBucks Mar 20, 2003 11:04 AM Flag

    Lieberman and Bloomberg in 2004


    you could leave Saddam there to plot against your country and help terrorists launch attack after attack on America and destroy everything you have while the president plays cigar-hockey with his interns. It was the previous administration that has put your country in this predicament, don't blame Bush. Idiot.

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    • I'm curious, why, after 9/11 did we feel an immediate feeling of insecurity from Iraq (remember, Osama lead the attach on our country)? Had Iraq increased any weapons since 1991? Did they attach the US or any other country? Did they have a direct tie with Osama and his gang?

      Going back to Bush's original reason to attach Iraq was because they are a threat to the US and their leadership has committed atrocities to humanity. Looking at a scorecard of threats to the US and threats to humanity, where do you put the following:

      ---N. Korea - They have nukes that can hit our shores TODAY and have threatened to do it.
      --Columbia - Very deep ties to Al-queda and helping to build training camps for them.
      --Syria - Documented TONs of VX gas plus other bio weapons.
      --S. Africa with 100,000's of murders, rapes with dictator leaderships far out number Iraq's offenses
      --Iraq - no capability for nukes, estimated around 20+ scuds, if any bio weapons left, a much smaller amount than Syria (this is if any sizable amount are left???,) Killed 1000's of Kurds.
      --OH YA, we forgot, Osama is still out commanding his group (remember, the ones that did attach the US), we never finished this job yet either, we could spend much more time and effort on this one too

      OK, now score this list and than give me a solid reason why Iraq is a much more obvious threat to the US and others.

      Second, let�s examine Bush's ability to apply diplomacy to this situation and how he erased numerous treaties that immediately pissed of many countries while telling the world we can do any damn thing we want and we don't need any other country out there to remain competitive in the global economy.

      Third, has any of you taken time to examine the possible results of the deficit after this war and Bush's "lets give back a huge chunk of tax money" but don't think about how we are going to reduce the spending in the middle of what could be one of the most expensive wars ever. Remember the results of Vietnam.....just go back to the '80's and you will be fairly close to what we will have over the next 10 years....high inflation, extreme energy costs, stock market that isn't worth a pile of crap.

      Now don�t get me wrong, Suddam is a bad man, but if you�re going to go out and risk our position in the world economy and our domestic economy (not to mention the lives of innocent Americans and Iraqs), you damn better have taken the time to determine who and why they are of HUGE threat to us and others as compared to all the rest of BAD MEN in the world. The list I presented above have people far more threatening to us and others.

      Now tell me why I should point a finger at Bush?

    • I think you have a typo. You meant to write:

      Bush is an idiot. LOL!

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