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  • timsykes28 timsykes28 Jan 24, 2012 11:13 AM Flag

    Nw Research Report On BVSN

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    • With BVSN losing all this money and qtry declines how did they get all that cash. Most all these little outfits have little cash and big debts.

    • Why would anyone need to pay between 50 and 150 USD per month for information that you get from locatestocks? Couldn't they simply open an account with them and get the info from them directly? I'm not trying to be funny, just curious and wondering what it is that I am missing.

      You mentioned that this is something new and info that you were not previously aware was available to you, or at least information that you didn't have available to you. Is it really much different from what I have been doing for several years now as explained below? :

      To see how many shares are available intraday, here is what I typically do.... I place an order with one of my online brokers, which is currently Scottrade, for an absurd amount of shares to short. For example : 100,000,000 shares, All Or None, to short @ $10.00/share for a stock that is trading at the time for 5 dollars per share and only has 50 million shares outstanding. Then, I watch as the broker delivers the error messages with the order that I just placed...The messages will say something such as:..."funds not available"...then, and the message that I am most interested in......"currently there are only 312 shares available to short for this security".....I see it as the poor man's look into the intraday short potential for a stock.

      So, in short, I both appreciate and understand the importance of the information that you can provide with your services but I question the need to spend the high monthly fee that you charge for this information. Other than that, I say keep up the good work and continue to try and help the small investors survive these shark filled waters


    • shocker, you lied about making money. I'm so shocked..


    • On your website, I believe you say you are a millionaire but you ask to be paid for your newsletter and I am not sure why you have time to be on this website.

    • SPAM, SPAM, SPAM!!!!!!

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