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  • fwu26 fwu26 Jan 26, 2012 6:00 PM Flag

    Based on the CC, I'm slightly more favorable .....

    It's very hard to make money on social network. Just like the searching market that only one or two market leaders dominated the sector and even you're third wheel like Yahoo still not doing good...

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    • Exactly... there are hundreds of social media websites.

      Clearvale is just a modified opensource application called Elgg.

      Any moron can hire a few programmers, download Elgg, and create a product like clearvale... meaning it is worthless and has no market power.

      If you read their 10-Q they state that competition is intense and that it is becoming commonplace to give social media away for free.

      All bad news for shareholders(bagholders). The product is worthless and will eventually drive them into bankruptcy.

    • If Larry E throw some cash from his packet to get his neighbor, why not ORCL also get some social attention and can be in the so called search business. Just a thought.

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