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  • lowl22 lowl22 Aug 25, 2013 8:14 PM Flag

    once in a lifetime

    everybody always talks about "I should have owned apple, google, msft" well your opportunity to get a 10, 20 30 bagger is rare. First you need to be presented with the opportunity, second you want to make sure the owners have skin in the game and third you want to have a good entry valuation to make money!!!Broadvision fits all three. Pehong Chen was once worth $5 billion with a "b", he owns 35% of the company and you are paying cash(less than book value and almost cash debt) to invest alongside a brilliant man who thinks his company is in the second inning of a nine inning game. While the new business has been slow to show results to the bottom line they have been investing huge amounts of money from the legacy business while cash burn has been minimal. In addition, it is next to impossible to get an in on the inside price on the inside track. This is a dream situation. I am getting in at cash, they have a serious infrastructure in place and if Pehong walked into Kleiner Perkins, Draper Fisher or Goldman tomorrow and offered to sell shares at less than cash...ARE YOU KIDDING ME...BEST OPPORTUNUTY IN THE PUBLIC MARKETS TO MAKE REAL MONEY I believe the new partnership with Sugarcrm has positioned this company to move up in valuation, Goldman Sachs just invested $40 million into Sugarcrm at probably a $300--500 mllion dollar valuation. WOW...they also lose money just like JIVE!!!Broadvision could easily put up $5 million in profits within 2-3 years and maybe sooner to give this stock a $150-300 million dollar valuation. That is what makes this stock a 10,20 30 bagger!! Management never sold a single share in the last run up and if you are able to buy this company at 1/2-1x book or less it is a steal(they also have a billion in tax loss carryforward) Take it and run with it!!!!

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