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  • GWIX98 GWIX98 Nov 23, 1999 10:18 PM Flag

    Newbie to board

    What does this company do exactly?
    I have read the business "profile",
    and still don't really understand what
    its services are! Any help appreciated.


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    • GWIX: (re: your question as to BVSN's

      Let's say a large corporation, such as Wal-Mart (this
      example is also a true story), realizes how important the
      internet has become in doing business, and it wishes to
      implement its own business on the internet. In Wal-Mart's
      case, it wished to sell its goods over the

      Enter Broadvision. Wal-Mart gives BVSN objectives as
      far as what it wishes to sell and to whom;
      Broadvision develops the software necessary to allow Wal-Mart
      to become a web presence, as well as lending
      technical and advisory support, not to mention site
      maintenance (I might add, these services all contribute to
      both principal and recurring revenues). Broadvision's
      capabilities, unlike many of its competitors, go a step
      further. They constitute "smart marketing" type

      As an example, if you (the customer) visit the
      Wal-Mart web site, and you initially purchase--for
      example-- gardening tools, when you return to that web site
      at a later date, the software "remembers" your
      purchase, and it tailors your visit accordingly. That is,
      it remembers that you previously purchased (e.g.)
      planters and a shovel, and now it might automatically pop
      up an advertising screen which tries to sell you
      specialty seeds and fertilizer. Therefore it customizes
      each visit to suit the individual, thus optimizing
      time and potential income, and this concept is part of
      what explaims the designation of "one-to-one," if
      you've ever heard this phrase.

      This is
      essentially what BVSN does, however there are scores of other
      internet-related marketing examples, in which BVSN has marketing
      applications. If you would like specific examples, you may
      visit one of the following sites, as they are all
      developed and maintained by


      exceler8ing_earnings: Thanks for the kind words--I'm glad you enjoy my
      posts, and I hope I have been of some help to you. I
      have made another observation, which I don't have time
      to explain now (must spend time with the wife), but
      if you stick around, I'll try to post it tonight.

      If you are long BVSN, I promise you will like what I
      have to say.

    • Go to the homepage I am not
      as articulate as some of the posters on this message
      board so I won't attempt an explaination. If you go to
      the home page you may be able to find out more
      information on the company. This company is a winner, but do
      your DD first. Best of luck.

      I enjoy reading
      the posts of some of the folks on this thread,
      especially VJX's.

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