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  • MrPenmark MrPenmark Dec 28, 1999 5:03 PM Flag

    mmajestic, (OT) imagine how those poor

    bastards over at CMRC are felling about now ! The
    stock split this week & then opened over 200, closed
    last night @ $256, gapped up big this morning & drove
    hard all the way to $331 then literally collapsed in
    the last 1/2 hour down to $250 ... a freakin 80 point
    drop !
    There are some poor bastards over there
    ready to shoot themselves.


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    • I am long CMC with an average cost of 34....nice.
      I added more at 206 and 302, but I used trailing
      stops to take me out profitably of the positions that I
      added recently which it did. So I made $$ and I still
      have my original 34 lots...Anyway, to get into that
      stock and not use trailing stop losses is suicide. the
      selloff there just confirms the fact that it was a
      Nazwide selloff and that is ok for BVSN. But like
      mentioned earlier, if a selloff does occur it can get ugly
      on the Naz rather quickly. I sure wich that I got
      into BVSN at 34 rather than where I did get in..rather

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