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  • stockershock stockershock Mar 3, 2006 11:09 AM Flag

    Many times breakouts FAIL

    Brings too many software programmed traders..cant be that easy.
    I think this might have some legs though.
    We shall see.

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    • Does that report add a lot of value? When I look at free report I get the impression everything is very general and is not focussed enough and too positive for a lot of stocks.

    • Yes, I pay for the Jason report, never found an easyer way of making money than by expoliting the Jason pump. 120% for me in the last 7 months, thanks JH.

    • I sold most of my IGMI on the Jason pump. Yeah, baby! Figure I'll buy it back later and hold til the next pump. But I don't think that property will ever go into production.


    • Bunkferd,
      Thanks for the post.

      My moly stocks doubled and my plans were to hold basically b/c of the thousands of miles of pipelines alone (moly is required) and w/regards to solar I was under the impression it would take off!?

      I feel good about my silver investment, what I am unsure about is timing the sell. I did read that gold & silver, in the short term,is expected to go up then taper off before it shoots back up. I don't know how to time the market so my thought is to just hold for the long term.

      Anyone wish to share their comments?

    • Joanie,

      I don't know much about moly except that it has had a wonderful run and the companies that do and some that might extract it have done quite well. And I don't know how much longer this expansion has to run but I would argue that we are closer to the end than the beginning. It could be a good time to begin thinking about when to pull a few chips back off the table. As far as an outfit that will soon market a solar invention; I would rather put a dollar or two into lottery tickets. Good luck with your investing.

    • To catchthatknife - THANK YOU!!! I appreciate your time.


      PS Have you been following the story on molybdenum, AUA.V or IGMI.OB, or a company, possibly XSunX?, that won the 2005 World Tech Award and is expected to go from 1.50 to $25 once it brings its solar invention to the market sometime in April?

    • Joanie,
      A lot of investors scale in to and out of a position. A quarter at a time, a third at a time, etc. When someone is "full long", they are 100% invested.
      "Naked long" I'm not familiar with unless they are talking about options. In that case naked means with no offsetting position.

    • that was not the answer I expected and honestly, was your answer really necessary. There's a time and place for everything so, speaking as a mom, remember your manners.

      I don't know how else to ask the question.


    • When I am with Ana, I am both full long and naked long.

      <<Would anyone be willing to explain what "being full long" the whole way up and "naked long" means? >>

    • Would anyone be willing to explain what "being full long" the whole way up and "naked long" means?

      Thanks for your time.

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