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  • rjcusn001 rjcusn001 Jan 24, 2013 3:21 PM Flag

    MGN is what it is ----

    MGN is dead money ---- MGN has produced nothing for how many years ??? other than a SWEEEEET paycheck for the Dobbs --- life is good if you're a member of the Dobbs family, but not so good for the average MGN investor ---- and the really sad fact is ---- the silver bull is dead ---- which means that all investors' hope for the big score is dead along with the bull market in silver ----- silver will not rise over $35 bucks for another decade (at least) and that's the sad truth /// :O(

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    • Maybe they should have invested in Apple like you? Or of course you were too smart for them, right? Or maybe they should have bought Netflix two years ago with their money? Or give it to the bank ina 5 year CD to make 1%? What I am saying genius is investing is a gamble and if you have some real geniune insight, then share it. People buying this stock at $1 or $2 are not hoping to see it triple overnight, I hope, they are playing a HIGH RISK/HIGH REWARD scenario. Maybe a better place to put your money a year ago would have been HPQ. That's a common household name with a established balance sheet, right? Please go back to your day job which obviously is not investing. Bye.

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