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  • koolsdguy koolsdguy Oct 27, 2010 7:14 PM Flag

    I am betting on some big institutional sellers bailing

    No I will short more and more,

    If it went up to $18, it would be a pure luck play, like an ordinary person winning the lottery, chances are very low but all longs are buying the lottery tickets in that hope

    Once it gaps to $18, it would drop on such high profit taking that you would wonder why it gapped up to begin with

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    • well, if it poped up to 18 then the drop will not be back to where you shorted (14), it may be down to 16 !

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      • listen to what you are saying...

        i said I will short more at $18. do the math pal. my initial short at $14, then lets say same amount short at $18 (if you longs indeed get that lucky to get $18, lets say you hit the lottery, even then...lets see who wins)

        so, my short avg will be $16. and any drop back to even 15 or so, and I will be in profit. my pt is even in worst case scenario, shorting here seems to be the best option. of course risks involved in everything, but shorting = SAFEST BET here for me