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  • taexpert928 taexpert928 Sep 16, 2011 2:52 PM Flag

    5 main MIPS shareholders increased 11.3M shares in Q2/2011

    Owner Name Date Shares Held Change
    (Shares) % Change
    (Shares) Value
    PARNASSUS INVESTMENT... 6/30/2011 3,600,000 2,584,316 254.44% $20,664

    VANGUARD GROUP INC 6/30/2011 2,569,558 1,400,079 119.72% $14,749

    TAHITHROMOS, L.L.C. 6/30/2011 1,669,695 76,509 4.80% $9,584

    RENAISSANCE TECHNOLO... 6/30/2011 1,557,302 58,110 3.88% $8,939

    BARCLAYS GLOBAL INVE... 6/30/2011 1,518,185 157,511 11.58% $8,714

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