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  • taexpert928 taexpert928 Oct 3, 2011 12:25 PM Flag

    First 4G tablet based on MIPS with high volume

    This new 4G version of Novo7 is based on Xburst processor . Xburst is based on MIPS and made by Igenic. Having 4G tablet in high volume is agreat news.

    Why there is no PR from MIPS marketing department on so huge news?

    This stupid Swift with his glassy soft eyes should be fired and MIPS should bring in a more talented individual to run the marketing of MIPS.


    NOVO7 599
    Posted 2011/10/1

      Intellectual pro-universal binary version of Aino NOVO7 offer 599 Author: Xie Hui Chao Date: 2011-10-01 article attributes: Information

      [IT168] Following NOVO7 information leading high-definition decoding version of the limit set to 2160P Flat Panel HD benchmark, the Ainol persistent efforts to launch new products NOVO7 another popular version, with 1G GHz processor, 7.0 inch five capacitive touch screen, built-in WIFI and Dual front and rear cameras good configuration, recently broke the price 599/4G.

      New Xburst processor equipped with multi-core architecture

      For a high-definition flat-panel, for both watching HD movies, play 3D games, to get a smoother running speed, there must be a powerful performance of the processor. The first domestic high-definition flat-panel brand launched NOVO7 Aino popular version, is used beyond the frequency of high-performance Xburst 1GHz processor, to meet the NOVO7 popular version of the smart application of computing and HD decoding needs.

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    • Here is a better link to NoVo7 tablet with MIPS inside.


       << Summary For Aino NOVO7 Popular Version

      As a high-definition flat-panel, Aino NOVO7 popular version has a 7.0 inches screen, five-point capacitance, frequency greater than 1GHz processor, DDR2_512M memory, 802.11b/g/n wireless networking and dual front and rear camera, plus 1080P HD decoding, HDMI high definition output and other functions, the price level in the same flat, the Ainol NOVO7 popular version has an absolute cost advantage. The NOVO7 has popularized version of the leading versions and two different versions, giving the majority of flat-panel players more and more intimate alternative. >>

    • I told you about this Swift firing 5 hours before the actual news! There will be another very good news either today or tomorrow. Starboard is working hard for the MIPS shareholder ! Wait and see!
      <<This stupid Swift with his glassy soft eyes should be fired and MIPS should bring in a more talented individual to run the marketing of MIPS.>>