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  • kaustabbanerjee70 kaustabbanerjee70 Apr 17, 2012 10:27 AM Flag

    So, anyone else has input into MIPS buyout

    It looks like there is a whole lot of speculation but really nothing by any particular company...Is MIPS going to hold around mid $6.50's for the buyout to come for a 30-40% premium and the buyout for $8.50-9.25 area...or will MIPS move higher...Can it fo back down to the $5's...What is your opinion...

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    • AMD just recently purchased SeaMicro for 330M and some change. Sea Micro is a small, 4 year old company with only a handful of employees and 35M in funding.

      MIPS has 110M in cash and a plethora of patents that Google, AMD, Intel, MSFT would like to get their hands on. Plus an existing client base that is growing as we see news today. There’s no way MIPS goes for less than twice the price of SeaMicro.

      So at 660M that’s $12.45 a share. Given MIPS just secured SICMicro in China, and the potential for at least 2 potential buyers to bid this one up. I think 900M is more realistic. That’s $15.10 a share.

      So $12.50 - $15.00 a share. We’re at $6.50 today…do the math..I’m still buying and have been these last few days. There’s a reason MIPS has not said anything related to the rumor that AMD is looking to bid or that they hired GS to find a buyer. There’s something going on and they can’t talk about it right now. Once its finalized..we’ll hear from them and this puppy will fly.

      There’s too much smoke to not be “fire”. Here's what we know. I don't think we can paint a clearer picture without spilling the beans.

      Last call they said they are going to work to monetize patents.
      Starboard is putting pressue on MIPS
      Rumor they hired GS to find buyer
      Rumor AMD will make a bid
      Lots of buying
      Not a word out of MIPS…(something is in the works)

      I’m calling it right now. $12.50-$15 a share.

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      • $10 a share, $6 in cash and $4 in AMD shares. AMD won't pay more than $500m for a company that needs a buyer.

      • Would think they would be trading closer to $9 if they had a buyer at anything around $12.50 to $15 per share.

        Just a pure guess. Unless it trades up to $8 to $9+ in the next couple weeks would doubt it would sell for anything close to $15. never know.

        What is known is that MIPS has Starboard pushing to monetize the nearly 600 patents.

        Would think there are AT LEAST 4 to 5 possible suitors based upon the current environment.

        If it holds in here at $6 to $7 for the next couple weeks would expect any buyout to be capped at around $10'ish.

      • Good to see the good news from Google - that MIPS choice to enter mobile on the back of Android and 4G is working and workable

        So it is not a fire sale by MIPS but maybe a recognition that a sale at a double digit pps is the best for all

        comforting to know for example google was not going private with android and its motorola purchase etc

        base of say 5 while one speculates - IMO IMO

        again - do not expect good earnings IMO .... if they were above expectations MIPS would NOT IMO have approached GS

    • I think you have it almost exactly right. Little downside, deal between $8-$12. Great opp.