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  • JKGINO JKGINO Apr 29, 2012 9:16 AM Flag

    Tell tale sign of a 90 days

    Ok the obvious:
    1. Starboard
    2. Rumor of GS

    But to me the clinchers:
    3. No denial of GS
    4. No press release on the Philips deal - a huge deal for the company, the biggest tablet deal to date.
    5. Not much to say during earnings, when so much is going on....

    They don't want to influence the stock price during this period of negotiation.

    Prediction: A deal gets done with 90 days at $12.50.

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    • While I agree those could be clues, why would MIPS schedule 3 investor conferences in May if they were in the process of being sold?

      That just does not make sense. While I think there is something behind the rumor as MIPS has some value that can be unlocked with its patents, the company is facing declining revenue and market share. There are 2 other stocks in similar situations with similar rumors – TZOO and MWW. Both are losing market share and facing slowing growth. Both have attractive assets. The big question about all 3 of these is who is a likely suitor willing to pay a premium and turn things around? Any thoughts on who might want to buy MIPS and why? I’m watching for more clues. Thanks

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      • It's obvious there's something going on wrt sale of patents or the whole company.
        The pps would be at $3 otherwise.
        As a possible suitor I see Google.
        They could make the licenses royalty-free in order to accelerate the proliferation of MIPS architecture in China with several advantages wrt Android and other "things".
        Maybe the CEO isnt even in the negotations.
        BTW he doesnt even go to the Investor Conferences.

    • Think about it..., no press release on Philips deal.... Only one reason for a company this size not to be beating their chest on that deal..., it is because they can't. Because they are in active negotiations. Within 90 days a deal gets done. $12.50.

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      • The unannounced tablet comes with 1GB ram primarily for use as a TV controller (remote). It uses a cheap "low power" MIPS processor as opposed to a higher processing power ARM processor. Philips has announced a projected battery life of just 4-5 hours! Philips is notorious for crap products.

        >>> active negotiations. Within 90 days a deal gets done. $12.50.

        I don't think so.

    • Apr 16 2012
      Starboard to AOL: Patent sale not enough

      Activist hedge fund Starboard Value, dissatisfied with AOL's $1 billion deal to sell the majority of patents to Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O), has filed with U.S. regulators for the nomination of three of its candidates to the board of the Internet firm.

      In a letter to the AOL Inc (AOL.N) board released on Tuesday, Starboard said that while it was pleased with the patent sale, it did not address "serious concerns" with the "poor operating performance" at AOL.

      Starboard Value said in February it intended to nominate five members to AOL's board. Its potential nominees were Ronald Epstein, CEO of Epicenter IP Group; Steven Fink, former CEO of Larry Ellison's investments; Dennis Miller, a strategic adviser to Lionsgate; Jeffrey Smith, CEO of Starboard Value; and James Warner, principal of Third Floor Enterprises, an advisory firm specializing in digital marketing and media.

      Starboard, which with a 5.3 percent stake in the Internet company is one of its largest shareholders, has been agitating for a shakeup. One of the paths it wanted AOL to pursue was an auction of its patents.

      On Monday, AOL said it was selling the majority of its patents to Microsoft for $1 billion and that it would return a "significant portion" to shareholders.

      Starboard said AOL should return all the proceeds to its shareholders.

      A representative from AOL was not immediately available to comment.

      "We remain concerned that shareholder capital will continue to be used for poorly conceived acquisitions and investments into money-losing initiatives," according to the letter.

      Starboard singled out Patch, a group of community news websites, and AOL's splashy display ad business.

      The investment fund said that it was planning to "promptly" file preliminary proxy materials for its board slate.