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  • simple_pleasures_miami simple_pleasures_miami Nov 28, 2012 11:40 AM Flag

    Is Electrolux Consumer Fraud Good for Stockholders ?????

    When a big company with a powerful market share really screws consumers, it may be strongly endorsed by shareholders and considered a measure of management strength. It also may be that Fraud begats more Fraud and the Stockholders may be the ultimate pigeons in a game of musical chairs. It also may be that upper management is unaware of the consumer Fraud I will outline above, and that would be a measure of poor management of a multinational, and lack of controls. WIth this post, management knows because I will give specifics. The question is do they care.
    I am a US consumer who notes that my model of Frigidaire Wall AC is constructed of substandard materials, and it appears that Electrolux is doing everything possible to frustrate the warranty process and avoid fixing the unit. Why do I think this is not a series of unfortunate coincidences?
    The unit is exceptionally well designed and works very well when it works. This suggests the manufacturer knows exactly what he is doing and I did not get a lemon. Why do I suggest Electrolux? Frigidaire is using substandard materials? Because I bought the exact same model as the last time and when the last unit failed after 2 years, it was clear the machine was corroding apart and was not like normal units of that age in the same environmental conditions. A normal unit would have been in better shape after 15 years in operation. I am of the opinion that Frigidaire / Electrolux would have constructed my AC out of painted paper mache, if they thought they could get away with it.
    I suggest that stockholders beware. Any company that treats consumers like Frigidaire is treating consumers in the US, may turn on its stockholders and may have other rotten aspects in the corporate structure. Conversely, this may be the new pardigm in marketing appliances in the US as our country declines economically and Electrolux Frigidaire may be ahead of the pack in paving the way for other appliance manufacturers to lower quality, disregard warranties, and screw the consumer.
    Caveat Emptor
    Note to Elextrolux Frigidaire. This is not an anonymous post, I am the victimized consumer in zipcode 33157 with Frigidaire AC model # FRA256SV2. It may be that many of your stockholders would applaud you for developing the sophisticated screw the consumer tactic of not putting a model number or serial number on the unit. That is novel. Who ever heard of an appliance without a model number or serial number on the unit. What a great way of frustrating the service and warranty process.

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    • Electrolux Frigidaire fixed my AC under the warranty. I have no idea if this quick service was normal, or in response to my postings, and my fax to the company. The repairman was reluctant to open the part package ,claiming that if it did not work the parts distributor would not take it back, as Electrolux no longer sends out warranty repair parts to its warranty repair people. The repairman wanted $75 to ( slide the AC out of its chassis on the wall) and told me that if the final repair took more than a month it would be another $75 each month until it was repaired.
      I have no more to say except I am really hoping this repaired item stays ok.

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