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  • earningsstatement earningsstatement Sep 13, 2002 11:37 PM Flag


    Just to provide some balance to Pancho and his ilk.......IMHO....this stock is a dog for the near future. The more reasoned posts have outlined the science, the market, the pipeline and the burn rate versus cash in hand. The inescapable logic is that this company is struggling. While I agree it is nowhere near bankruptcy, the horizon is more than a little cloudy. I would be interested though in any citations re the responses of Clofarex.

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    • Please enlighten us. Of what possible interest does one who is not a shareholder joining this discussion? A disgruntled ex employee, a jilted woman, a competitor? What possible benefit you can get from this?
      There is no content in your messages. Just your pathetic opinion. That and 2.90 will get you a double latte at Starbucks.

    • I only see the trolls in the replies of the other posters. I gather that 1/3 of the day trader, pancho is making threats of some sort.

      It first claimed to be a veteran of the drug industry with 20 years experience in development. Now it is making threats of some sort over the internet. There seems to be a discrepancy here as educated professionals invariably make their points in a more dignified, intellectual fashion.

      But the solution to this puzzle is obvious. He is lying. How simple, how could I have missed this :>).

      Another broke trader, not too bright, personality problems, attempting to boost the price of a struggling biotech by.......making pointless, impotent, incomprehensible, threats over the internet. Waste of bandwidth and time. This is exactly the sort of posts one sees on the penny stock boards on raging bull on a routine basis, welcome to the world of penny stocks and penny stock traders. IMHO

    • Yet more threats, you're pitiful. As I don't hold any shares and have not done for longer than I have been posting on this board I can sleep at night just fine. It's the pumpers who need to worry. Opinions are just that. This stock is still a dog.

    • I wouldn't worry about pancho/lime/force. This seems to be one inept daytrader with no knowledge and no hesitation about lying. I have 24 messages on ignore and read 3, the first one of each identity.

      I've been cruising the net for info on clofarex. This is ilex right now, nothing else really going on worth worrying about. Clorarabine is very similar to an approved purine analog, cladarabine, leustatin, cladibine from JNJ. Cladarabine is chloraadenosine with a 2' deoxypentose sugar.
      Clofarabine is the same chloroadenosine with a fluorine at the 2' pentose position. Not much difference fluorine vs deoxy (hydrogen) at the 2' position of the sugar.

      I don't think there is much doubt that it has activity in leukemia/lymphoma. What is not clear is whether the world needs a fourth purine analog for these diseases. There is already fludara, cladarabine, pentostatin. If this is another me-too drug it may not make much money. Pentostatin only makes 15 million/year probably barely breakeven on a operating basis. They could easily end up with another 25-50 million/drug which barely pays its own way.

      This drug is also fairly new. It will take a while to assess clinical effectiveness, wait for the next ASCO, AACR in 2003. I wouldn't put too much stock in anecdotal reports of responses, if one gets 3 in 80 patients it won't be enough. Way too easy to get burnt without a complete data set. There is time, nothing happens fast in this business. IMHO

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      • Nothing much new on clofarabine? Let's start with 50% complete response rates in pediatric leukemia? Dah, when did pentosttin or fludarabine have activity like that? How about activity in acute leukemia IN THE FIRST PLACE? How about activity IN SOLID TUMORS!!!! Icapitulate is someone who just goes to medline, tries to reconstruct his chemistry class from 8th grade (where he graduated) then makes these ridiculous comments that anyone with even passing knowledge in oncology knows are about as naive as --well yes, as naive and incorrect as an 8th grade chemist.


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