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  • panchovillas03 wrote, "Nothing much new on clofarabine? Let's start with 50% complete response rates in pediatric leukemia?"

    Can you provide a link to this data?

    Who dares, wins!

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    • I'm not sure which studies Pancho is referring to, but I can point you in the direction of more information regarding the response rates of Clofarex.
      See message 4044. Two abstracts were presented at 93rd AACR meeting in SF, ant theIX Intl Workshop on CLL bu Plunkett et al, MD Anderson. Data from two Phase II trials were presented: Adults AML, 45% CR, Adults ALL 20% CR, and one phase I study-Pediatric AL, 45% CR. Important points to consider: the drug was used as a single agent in refractory patients-a high hurdle, and not the norm for nucleoside analog application. But even more interesting was data presented that showed novel anti-cancer activity and a distinct pharmacokinetic profile from other nucleoside analogs. Clofarex damages mitochondria and induces apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells-unlike the other analogs.
      To simply write this drug off as a me "too drug" is not telling a balanced story. IMHO
      Also, for balance, let's look at the CR rate of Fludara. Go ahead, do your DD and report back. I haven't been able to find any references for significant levels of CR in patients treated with the other analogs, but you guys are obviously the experts on Medline searches. But maybe before you go to all that trouble you might ask yourself-Gee are we curing cancer yet? Why, I wonder, does the US govt spend ~2-3 BILLION on cancer research alone ANNUALLY?

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      • thanks Zoneful, at least someone out there has done research to know the facts behind this company.

        Believe it or not, I have become aware that a certain group of shareholders is considering filing a class action suit against some of these purposely malicious and knowingly untruthful posting jerks, and/or just shutting this site down with the help of Yahoo. This is stock manipulation without a doubt and won't take much work to link their fraudulent posts with their trading of ILXO. Sleep well tonight idiots, but you might start thinking about a good lawfirm! Its aaaaaall been recorded. The question for you is, what state do you think you will have to defend yourself in!!!?