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  • omniportent omniportent Feb 15, 2001 3:03 PM Flag

    Something to think about...

    fbgweezer wrote,

    "IF ILXO's money isn't coming from their CRO business, where is it coming from?"

    Some of ILXO's money was and is coming from the CRO business; however, @$6 million per quarter, the phase-out of this business does not warrant a $130+ million haircut to the market cap. That was a complete over-reaction. I bet if we did a survey of the message board members, not one person bought their ILXO shares because of the CRO business. I know that I certainly didn't. At any rate, once Campath gets on the market, its revenues will amply compensate for the CRO phase-out.

    The real way for ILXO (and any other biotech for that matter) to generate big revenues is to focus on getting products through their clinical trials, forming partnerships and getting their drugs on the market. This is exactly what ILXO is going to focus on now. That is a good thing.

    Who dares, wins!

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    • I guess I still don't understand. Hasn't their only revenue been generated from the CRO? If the CRO generated enough money to sustain ILEX to this point, why would they just phase it out? Why not sell it and help the bottom line? I do, however, think the message board is wrong regarding personnel layoffs.

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      • it!

        >> I do, however, think the message board is wrong regarding personnel layoffs. <<

        That's it! You can't separate the CRO from the people. When someone says "sell" it or "spin" it "off", they don't fully understand that the "it" they are referring to is, in fact, an organization of people. Unless, we're discussing slave trading, it just doesn't make sense. This is not a machine that we're debating whether or not to sell or lease out to another company or distribute ownership to a group of shareholders.

        It is these very people that ILEX is counting on to support and bring to fruition their current drug pipeline. Who would do it, otherwise? Now, am I naive enough to assume that the entire organizational structure will not endure some sort of a modification in the ensuing months? No, of course not. That may indeed be the case. But, if we trust the management (and I believe nice comments concerning Dwyer's skills were mentioned recently -- I second them), we will allow them their discretion to assign the proper people in the proper proportions to the appropriate positions necessary to accomplish the job. And that is the job of getting the drugs in the pipeline approved and ultimately sold.

        Now do you realize that, all along, you've had the answer. Just tap your heels together three times and...