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  • vietnamkid vietnamkid Nov 5, 2001 2:51 PM Flag

    life after idec

    hi everyone,

    life after idec is off to a harsh start. i'm in bed with the flu. can't think of anything witty right now.

    go idec.

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    • thanks for the article its a good summary.

      bought 200 more this morning at 62 and at first thought oh shit when it went down but then it closed near above 63.

      still want 200 more but will wait and see for now, heard it could go to hi 60s by next week according to a chart or maybe i can get my 200 at 58 so thats my next limit order.

      when will it split again and will it be 2 or 3?

    • Sunbarsand, here is a link to a rather interesting article published by "Industry Week." There's lots on this board who would love to talk technicals with you but the fundamentals are fascinating enough.

    • great stock for the long term.

    • vietnamkid,

      I am so happy to have you join the IDEC Retirement community. Shuffle board challenges start at 5:00PM. Dont be late!

      Understand that you are heading up north towards notbill. Hope you like the rain.


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      • Vietnamkid-

        First of all, good luck on your retirement. As a wise man back at IDEC told me before I left, "Retirement! What the s*it is this? You will get bored!" That has not been the case thus far, however, as I have been keeping myself very busy and you should too. While you did not ask for my advice, here goes: Take some time and do something that you always wanted to do. You never know if or when you might get the chance.

        When you get settled, send me an e-mail with your new address. I want to keep in contact with you.

        Finally, remember to eat that chicken soup. Is there a Vietnamese equivalent? (no dog jokes here)

        Take care,


      • Nice recovery to pre-9/11 levels, congrats longs. Seeing it go up makes ya want to take some profits, huh? Me too; Fear and greed.
        A look at:,m20&t=2y&l=off&z=m&q=b
        shows strong support at 50 and resistance at 75, with the stock trading about between on about average volume. Buying the W's and Selling the M's has worked well in the past.
        IDPH appears to be setting up for another run, watch for the breakout this winter and a 2:1 split in the springtime. A little connect the dots and extrapolation provides a decision chart for trading IDPH shares from now through year end and on into next year:

        below 50: Strong Buy; Add aggressively to position, open new long position, buy calls, excercise in-the-money options, or cover short, as case may be. If the market drags it this low and IDEC's news stays good, load up the truck. Those who bought in April or Sept. are already looking good.

        50-58: Buy; accumulate shares; buy leaps.

        58-77: Hold; buy calls at bottom of range, consider selling out-of-money calls toward top of range. Resist the urge to sell until it nears a new high and/or a new tax year starts.

        77-85: Sell; take some LT profits, sell out-of-money calls, buy out-of-money puts to hedge part of position. Consider holding at least some if not majority of shares for longer term growth, and retain cash proceeds to repurchase if it corrects (or buy a new car, ha ha ;-)

        85-95: Strong Sell; Unload lots of shares, taxes be damned. Too high too fast if it gets this high before year end, will likely get chance to get back in lower (or buy a new house or yacht, oh my!)

        above 95: Short it. Everyone else will be.

        Above assumes rational long term investor and both fundamentals of the company and overall market continuing on their current trends. News could cause my personal ranges to move, as will the passing of time:

        For Jan 1- April 15, it's
        strong buy below 55
        buy up to 60
        hold through 80
        sell at 90
        strong sell above 100

        Further out the numbers keep moving up: ascending channels show potential range of 60-110 for July, just like the temeratures in Vegas. It's all JMHO anyway, but sure won't mind if it turns out that way. Remember the conferences in early December. Good luck all.

        BTW, IBD numbers for IDPH are up to
        96 99 82 A- A B-
        Biotech sector looking stronger
        Fed Rate Cut Tomorrow

        Go IDPH

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