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  • You are too funny. Bashing Idph on every stock message board.

    You remind me of the punk traders during the internet craze.

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    • OK. I admit my brain was very narrowly focused not to be able to see that you took money off of the table and you are riding the rest for free at your price of $5.00. I stand corrected, and I hope you had fun gloating, because you made some good money on this company's success. Good job.


    • heh, you think I am long a pitiful 100 shares and in one buy? fool, I put $8k in over 4 years ago (spread buys building a position in a growing co.) and have taken out more than twice that (near but not always at peaks, still did ok) and am letting the rest ride for a new high someday, have bought lows,including recently, done options, shorted the hell out of Cltr and then Crxa from 1999, and my friend's life was saved, all because of Rituxan. those trades posted in real time, and I may get back into trading, but you know, there ARE sometimes better things to do than sit in front of the computer.. one gets to the point that chatter on here is useless at best, so long longs don't crow about it, at least until loud shorts come on and then get whipped. heh. then it's fun to check in and gloat a bit. The market wants to run imo, bears about to get gored by the bull, he had a long hard run, crashed (in mountain biking we used to call it bonked) and is up and ready to go.

      Massive short covering rally and more money to go to work, things will get exciting soon.

      ps how come no press release since June?

      news coming for idph

    • <<hehehe you say I'm the idiot and you're smart, well let's see: I'm long IDPH, ave cost less than $5/sh, presently UP about 39 dollars per share. >>

      I kind of doubt this. If you are in at $5 then you have seen it hit $70 4 times, and you have sat back and watched the value of your shares drop from 60 to 20 to 70 to 40 to 70 to 40. What are you waiting for? You are like the proverbial man who is drowning at sea and prays for God to rescue him, but passes on the tug boat, the sail boat, and the life raft that pass by. If you had even half a brain you would have sold it at those prices.

    • take it easy. i was just kidding with him. everybody is much too serious. a little humor in this nasty market is very much needed...

    • vette,

      Doomed has been on this board for a long time. He just does not post every day.

      BTW, IDPH has split only twice as you say:
      2 for 1, then 3 for 1. You should reread his previous post.

      Go over to the CRXA board and ask about Doomed. He has been tormenting them for a few years now.


    • blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.....another bullshit artist. i'm in at 5 bucks and i love this stock. yah right. provr it dick head.

      first of all the stock has only split twice not three times like you said asshole...

    • doomed, i'm 5 bucks per share too, long time holder myself, love idph, hate these newcomers too the board, and your right vette is a loser

    • sure you are mikey. 24 years old and a savy daytrader.. after the shakeout in 2001/02 your either broke or extreamly lucky, my quess is broke......keep on dreaming dude....good luck anyway

    • Hey, Bud...Don't sweat it...Anyone who is anyone on this board knows that you are a long-time holder...

      Continued good luck to you and all longs...

      As always...I LVOE THIS STOCK!!!

      GO IDPH!!!

      -The Dream

    • look at my born on date, fool.

      i'm long long 4+ years long

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