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  • biowatch biowatch Dec 21, 2004 10:39 PM Flag

    Tsybari to go head to head w/ Rebif

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    • Thank you for clarifying yourself. Have a great Holiday's.

    • Come on....you know what I mean, do I really have to explain myself? Yes they are selling Tysabri, Elan IS making money on Tysabri....

      It's early, that is all I ment....With the way FDA is complaining about drugs.....anything could happen at this point

    • "And Tysabri hasn't made a dollar yet....."

      And what do you base this on. Are you saying that Tysabri was approved in Nov-04 but Elan and BIIB are delaying any sales of Tysabri to the public until 2005?

    • Can your little brain make posts longer than one sentence? Nice to see we have another freak born on 12/22. You�re probably a freak that I hurt your feelings in the past and you sleep and dream about me now! It's ok bro, Christmas is almost here, your ELN is looking good at $25 and you might get that Sponge Bob Squarepant toy you been asking from Santa. Cheer up......egg nog is good, don't hate on drinking or your miserable little life will continue to be miserable. Send me a reminder when your ELN hits $40 or buys BIIB, then if you are lucky I might send you a sucker! Until then, keep your bandwagon mouth shut and try to find out just what I been talking about, freak!

      And if my posts still don't make sense, try enrolling yourself back in 2nd grade after the Holidays.

      Merry Christmas Freak!

    • I'm sorry you can't handle the truth that your company is terrible and ruled on speculation; we must have hit a nerve! It's ok, it is a 10 step program to be cured from idiocy. Let it all out wet, you and your little tennis buddy.
      You provide amusement for all the BIIBer that already know where the better investment is. Too bad you have to try to convince people to buy your crappy stock because their not stupid enough to buy it on their own..

      ELN in 05, nothing be down, stock is already capped! What other reason other that Tysabri are you guys trading at $24 dollars??? Hmmmmm? And Tysabri hasn't made a dollar yet.....

      That's what I want to do, invest my money in a speculative company that has not had their act together in the past! Sounds like my kind of fun! Where do I sign up freak?

    • PMT again wet?

    • you are liitle more than pondscum.
      No doubt you were the kid that hid behind his big brother, you deserve a good ass kicking you fucking loser.
      Sorry that Elan canned your ass, get over it peanut dick. Now go back to molesting the neigborhood kids.


    • Print out this message so you little membraine will remember..........ELAN WILL RUN IN O5'

    • This is the shittiest YMB by far, good job there's the elan board as a valuable source of info.

      • 2 Replies to elan_my_muse
      • And a great source for a good laugh, looks like the pumper "FREAKS" are not going to have a very happy Christmas. Elan is down $5 since approval, what happened to the $40 price after approval ?????

        Now go back to the Elan board and start pumping Elan again.

        PS: I forget to mention the two downgrades Elan has got over the last month, Merry Christmas FREAKS.

      • many, including myself, have commented on biib going up post approval while eln has gone down.
        an important matter of perspective is noteworthy here.
        if you bought $1,000 worth of elan on Jan 1, 2004, you would have approximately $3,400 while that same $1,000 in biogen would get you about $1,800.
        both fantastic gains, but which would you rather have, $3,400 or $1,800????
        simply put, you cannot compare the two companies for just a one month analysis.
        one must also consider that if tysabri goes away, elan will be a $5 stock at best while biogen will drop, but to the low $40's as they have other drugs to sustain them.
        biogen is also investing in the science of cancer, while elan has great potential in AD, but that is 3 years away, and pain mgt, however that may bring no more that $200 million per anum.
        we can talk incessantly about manipulation, etc. however anyone who did not believe that T was not priced in to eln is nuts. money losing companies with $400 million in annual revenues do not fetch $11 billion in market cap (apologies to SIRI holders)
        if you believe in management and the scientists at elan, stick around.
        no one will blame you however if you take you 500% profits and leave, but lets stop guessing as to what the price will be in the next hour, day or week. the market will tell us soon enough if it believes as we do

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