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  • stock_diggy_dog stock_diggy_dog Mar 30, 2005 8:43 PM Flag

    Capitulation will be seen

    This will be it, people will throw in the towel and capitulation will arrive. There will be investors who are done and walk away from this stock. Even without T ever coming back to the market this company is still worth well above where it trades today! I will be a buyer tomorrow not for a trade, but for years to come. I truly believe that all bad news will be priced into the stock. Typical market overreaction will be seen tomorrow mark my words!!

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    • I don't need evidence to know when I am right. This smells real bad my friend, take off your gas mask.

    • "It's the only way you'll ever make a dime."

      The four personal accounts I manage were up and average of 97% last year. I have averaged a 6% monthly return over the last 5 years. I can post the screen shots if you need proof.

      By the why what is your performance in the stock market? And just to let you know I did buy BIIB on the last big drop at 36 and change and sold for a 4 point gain. This time I am staying clear after doing my DD tonight. This will not bounce, rather it will be a death spiral.

    • You may be right, but something tells me there is still more bad news to come. Think of it like this, why would they review a case from 2003 when it was not in the recent Phase III study. I believe what you are seeing is the unraveling of the company from within. Thomas Bucknum resigned but only after a tremedous amount of presure was put on him by the board. I believe this case back in 2003 was purposely misclassified to prevent a halt from the drug making it to market. Once Bucknum was out he started making waves about the coverup and that everyone on the board was just as guilty as he was. He probably threatened to blow the whole thing up in their face so they had no choice today but to come public. My guess is that there will be an SEC investigation and a lot of people will be going to jail. Stay away from this one.

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