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  • grabmeanotherbeer grabmeanotherbeer Jul 8, 2005 8:59 PM Flag

    Welcome Cramer longs....

    Cramer is dead wrong on Biogen....

    Here is an older post that pretty much sums up the state or affairs surrounding Biogen.
    The majority of buy and lose longs on this board are making a fatal mistake.

    "BIIB will go up since it has gone down so far."

    It doesn't work like that...Biogen has dropped from the 80's to 34 for many reasons that have NOT be resolved.

    Look around...things are getting worse!!

    1. SEC "formal" investigation.
    2. Multiple class action suits.
    3. Wrongful DEATH suit coming...I'm sure.
    4. Insider trading investigation.
    5. #1 new drug pulled and killing people.
    6. Closing production facilities
    7. No revenue producing drug pipeline.
    8. Fractured partnership with Elan
    9. Institutions selling
    10. Shorts jumping on a crippled animal.

    Which one of these MANY problems have been resolved?


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    • Here I am after two weeks:

      ChildPhilosopher: long @ 35.40 current 38.46 = 3.06 profit

      grabmeanotherbeer: short @ 35.75 current 38.46 = 2.71 loss

      see you back here on 9/08.

    • Cramer's entertaining but no market guru. Good luck fellow long but in the future don't just buy on his word. Not smart

    • Any degree of momentum from the stock itself, the sector, or the market c/b costly to shorts, but all three w/b fatal.

      I'm a happy Cramerite with a new position at $35.40 est. 7/08.

    • I know you were, I just hate it when people perpetuate the notion that 5 people died....

    • While bad news is destined if it arrives when the price is $40 @ 10% give you still $36. The worst part on your side Mr Beer is time they have already moved the 2Q date back once.

      Bless all who trade


    • How can there be five wrongfull death suits when there are actually two deaths?

    • Well, Silky,

      As always...very good logic for a "long" term holder who can weather a trip to the high 20's.

      That is not how Cramer operates...he is after a 10-12% trade...splashes a buy...pumps up the stock on network TV and then his viewers try to beat each other through the exit door.
      He then goes back on his show and tells you how good he is....

      Very much like the notorious Tokyo Joe pump and dumper.

      My point here is that I am positive that several negative news releases will arrive before any "positive" news is possibly due.

      These new Cramer longs will eat the bad news and the fall and write this one off as a losing trade.

      I will cover @ 28.40 and go long at that price.

      New Cramer longs are in for a nightmare !!
      Instead up 10-12% up...they will lose 10-12% on this one.

    • Factored in?

      How many times has the SEC handed down indictments to senior management of a company for insider trading and the stock immediately went up????

      How many times does a company pre-announce a HUGE earnings miss and lowers forecasts...and the price immediately goes up ????

      How many times do you get a multi-million dollar class action judgements against a company and the price immediately goes up?

      How many times does a company get a multi-million dollar judgement against them for a wrongful death and the price immediately goes up?

      How many times does the FDA terminate a potential billion dollar a year drug and NEVER allow it to be sold again....and the company stock price immediately goes up?

      The answer to each is NEVER...the stock price ALWAYS immediately goes DOWN !!

      You longs are in dreamland....the stock went from 84 to 33.18...none of the major problems have been resolved...they are ALL pending and the bad news could start tomorrow morning.

      You longs think pending negative news is priced in?...

      What a joke.

    • if you know about it it is factored in!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • When things look darkest , that's the time to buy
      . Patience is a virture.

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