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  • pepbay pepbay Dec 9, 2005 4:56 PM Flag

    BIOGEN/Idec vs ELAN... my 2 cents

    Elan up 25%...........TYSABRI

    Biogen up 5%.........Avonex...AND....that's a BIG AND..

    A COMBO (Avonex and Tysabri) therapy injection, when Tysabri is re-approved....WILL NOT be happening...

    A MONO therapy (Tysabri alone) WILL be happening...

    I use Copaxone.
    I own ELAN.
    I will stop Copaxone.
    I will use Tysabri ...ONLY AS A MONO therapy.
    Fellow MSer's state the same....those that are on the Tysabri bandwagon. 25,000 plus, worldwide.

    end of my '2 cents worth rant'.......
    Thank You!

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    • Honestly,

      I don't care much about your 2 cents, I own eln as well, but why you seem to have to post to put down this stock is beyond me, you don't own this stock, so why act like a basher when I see how many people on the eln board complain about bashers?
      You just made a good point, you will switch from copaxone, not Avonex, and so will thousands, those are revenue BiiB didn't have before, don't think combo was that big in the first place, Crohn's and switchers from other drugs will offset whatever miniscule amount you think is the difference.

      You do seem narrow minded when it comes to investing, didn't do enough DD about biib, so don't claim you know 2 cents.

      • 2 Replies to biibster4now
      • Narrow minded.......

        More bang for your buck with Elan..that's all.
        Not bashing BIIB
        question was
        "why is ELN charging up the charts and not BIIB"?
        I answered. ,my 2 cents!!!

        I told you what I will be doing as a person with MS.

        I also VERY thankful to Biogen!!! who will STILL be 'getting' TYSABRI backout into the medical world, so MSer's, maybe even people with RA and Crohn's can benefit.....just not with Avonex...

        My Neuro's. Biogen rep, will still be setting me up (once again) for the TYSABRI infusion...not ELAN.

        You saw my words another way...
        ...and that's what makes the world go round....

      • Disclosure. Long in ELN, not in BIIB. But,
        it is my humble opinion that it is true that Tysabri will cut avonex sales dramatically, but the BIIB will make more on 1/2 of Tysabri than it does (for M.S.) on all of avonex.

        So, sit tight, BIIBer's. A lot of ELN holders blame BIIB for this little T fiasco, and some are convinced BIIB would do anything to keep avonex in the M.S. market. While a little cynicism and paranoia is always good for the market .....



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