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  • the_doggies_bollocks the_doggies_bollocks Jan 25, 2006 10:56 AM Flag


    What good is avonex? It causes flu like symptons so you feel like crap all the time!! I think it works well as a very expensive carborator cleaner....also pretty good on disc brakes!!

    Just another poison that does nothing but drain the wallet and keep the medical machine busy! HAHHAHAAHH!

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    • The answer is NOBODY at BIIB knocked ELN. Read that article with a critical eye and you will see that the headline is misleading. It says that they down graded ELN after talking to BIIB and that's all. BIIB probably said something like...Tysabri will come back with a restricted label so market adoption will be slower than we anticipated when it was first launched....or something along those perfectly reasonable lines.

    • Damn, I bet they let out the Big Secret. BIIB's 1/2 of Tysabri is the only half that works. I bet that was it.

      Or, maybe Silverman is just a messenger hatch-man for some fund friends, and the Big Secret wasn't shared. Or, maybe he's just not that bright. His 5 dollar call on ELN is a joke. Drug Delivery alone makes it 7-8 bucks (my own estimate from a year ago).

      Get over it. Zoloft might help.



    • The unanswered question remains......who at BIIB did Silverman interview to get his outragious downgrade of ELN.

      Was it Mullen or with his authorization ....and why?

      Why would Mullin knock TYSABRI?

      Why would BIIB invest millions in TYSABRI and then critisize it?

      Someone at BIIB talked to Silverman.......

    • The FDA already have what they need to bring back T. Wouldn't matter what Mullin says because he isn't actually an expert on Tysabri and MS. Avonex is losing market share and will soon become partially generic. If Mullin doesn't have T., he has a problem.

      BTW, if it does go to $3, it will make me $200,000. You think all of the open interest in the puts is from bears? Think again.

    • Mullens actions ...or rather inaction in defending TYSABRI at the AC will tell us where he stands.

      My thinking is that he wants to get Ty either tied up in testing or get Ty+ Avonex combo approved so he can tell the sales force to push the combo at the expense of TY.

      What MULLEN is not factoring in is ....the MS PATIENT backlash that BIIB will receive if he doesnt defend Ty and the patients have to lose their best chance for quality of life.

      The perception will then become BIIB does not care about the patients but is strictly in business for $$$$.

      This would be MULLENs bigest mistake.He would be alienating the hand that feeds him.

      This reminds me of KODAKs dilema ....they made $$$ on film but the world was changing to digital cameras. Should they wait to switch and protect their old product or should they change .......

      I believe if MULLEN were to think of the patients & push TY it could capture the whole market.

      50% profit of 400,000 patients switching could be the future.

      Do you know anyone that isnt buying a digital camera now?

    • Not that I disbelieve you. But how are you going to prove any of this?

    • It's one thing to deal with a human, it's another to deal with an irrational idiot who has no comprehension of the business world, join your buddy Wealthydem and grabmeanotherbeer on my ignore list. I also hope you get sued for slander.

    • The rest of my dream was as follows:

      Any normal CEO that just got a break thru drug with 66% effectivness would start a media blitz to bring it to the attention of the world.

      Mr.MULLEN downplays TySABRI. Him or his public relations officer has an interview with a LEHMAN VP & states that TYSABRI will be a low selling minor drug . He convinces the LEHMAN analyst so that he downgrades ELN because of what the BIIB representitive said.

      I am sure noone at BIIB would have authority to downgrade the TYSABRI usage without it coming directly from MR. MULLEN.

      Suppose MR. MULLEN goes to the FDA MEETING & states that he does not know where the PML virus came from but thinks that Ty should go back to the lab for more testing.Lets start testing Ty again for another 2 years to see if we can figure out where the PML virus came from.

      If MR. MULLEN testifies that TYSABRI should have more testing why would these doctors dare to contradict the man that is the expert on TYSABR & MS.

      Mullen ties up TYSABRI just like the story of the TUCKER automobile.The better product doesnt make it to market.

      BIIB generates 100% profit from AVONEX.
      TY is in limbo for years.
      The MS PATIENTS continue to suffer without a truly effective non side effect causing drug.

      ELN stock price goes back down to $3/ share.

      MR. MULLEN cashes in more stock options.

      Sounds more like a nightmare than a dream.

      I wonder if anyone else had this same dream?

    • I had a dream:
      MR. MULLEN in his wildest dreams never imagined that TYSABRI would be so successful in treating MS.

      He planned to market 3 drugs for MS & corner the market.

      1-AVONEX- @ 100% profit for BIIB
      2-AVONEX + TYSABRI-@ 75% profit for BIIB
      3-TYSABRI @ 50% profit for BIIB

      That averages out to 66% profit for BIIB &
      33% profit for ELN

      But with 66% efficacy for TYSABRI noone will choose the other 2.

      This means 50-50 each. BIIB will have less profit if TY is on the market.

      Mullen painted himself into a corner how does he extricate himself?...... stay tuned.

    • For your info:

      The third patient that got PML virus was in the CHRONES test. They were taking strong immunosupressant chemo for 8 years. The side effect of one of these drugs was "causes PML virus".

      BIIB had to dig that person up out of their grave to find that out.

      I wonder how many AVONEX monotherapy patients died of PML virus that were not diagnosed ?

      Noone was looking for PML virus back then.

      I am sure many death certificates read "died of MS".

      I bet MR. MULLEN knows where the skeletins in the closet are buried.

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