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  • pugfan75 pugfan75 Apr 6, 2006 11:07 PM Flag

    Biggest joke on the Eln board

    Some guy wants to publish an ad in Washington Post "urging the FDA and BiogenIdec" to settle their differences and bring Tysabri back. LMAO

    Now isn't that a pleasant surprise by an Eln shareholder, of course never ever blaming Eln - of course they are useless- he doesn't even have MS, he is just in it for the money, I don't care what they say about how much they care about patients with MS, the moment they bought Eln shares makes that a conflict of interest.

    Anyhow, the FDA doesn't give a shit, they will do what they have always planned to do, they don't mind the heat from the public as long as they don't get heat from congress, but those dorks on the Eln board live in La La land don't get it.

    I urge you to get your facts straight before you make a mockery out of yourself, and don't hide behind that MS foundation handle, we know it's you Eln shareholders contributing the money, I hope you all get exposed. Those conspiracy theories are really getting deep in their small heads. What a shame and what a new low. If you really want to make it sound "not biased at all" at least include Eln in the "Urging" LMAO

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    • Hey Venzlan.

      How the f ck, do you think biib will be over 60 today ??

      You are probably smoking the same s hit your President Chavez is.

      Venzlans have always been famous for not being smart, just for having a lot of oil money. Now they don't even have that, since Chavez has taken it all.

      Take a course on Charts, Candlessticks, etc, and inform yourself, Venezuelan Marica.

      By the way, BIIB will go to 47 today. <the news yesterday are important and it has gone under the lower bollinger band. ELAN went up 4% this morning in Europe.

      Biib should go up similarly in the US.


    • Better!!!!!!!!!!

      New WSJ Editorial
      by: bull_gator68 (53/M/Los Angeles, CA)
      Long-Term Sentiment: Buy 04/07/06 12:29 am
      Msg: 980541 of 980589


      The FDA and MS
      April 7, 2006

      "Every day I'm a little bit worse," Audrey Greenfield tells us. The former New York law partner used to travel the country representing real estate developers. But the multiple sclerosis that she first noticed 15 years ago when she lost coordination in her right foot has now progressed to the point she needs a wheelchair. And she isn't comforted by the fact that she's being denied an effective treatment by the Food and Drug Administration, which is once again harming patients with overcaution.

      The therapy in question is Tysabri, and for many MS patients it appears to halt progression of the degenerative neurological disorder. But a year ago -- just months after it was approved -- corporate partners Biogen and Elan "voluntarily" withdrew their drug because of FDA pressure and litigation fear after two patients developed a rare brain infection. That infection might have been linked to Tysabri, since the drug works by suppressing parts of the immune system. But these patients also had other immuno-suppressive therapies, and in any case the MS patients were almost all willing to run the risk.

      Just a few weeks ago prospects were looking better for Ms. Greenfield. She and scores of other MS patients had made their voices heard at an FDA advisory panel, which voted unanimously to return Tysabri to the market. The agency was due to rule on the issue by late last month

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      • Ruling soon. All will then be OK.

        BIIB should see 80 by EOM.

      • WSJ Part 2
        by: bull_gator68 (53/M/Los Angeles, CA)
        Long-Term Sentiment: Buy 04/07/06 12:30 am
        Msg: 980543 of 980591

        But shortly before the deadline, the FDA announced it would take a 90-day extension until the end of June because of concerns over Tysabri's "risk management" plan -- a preposterous excuse given that Tysabri is delivered by injection and only under the supervision of doctors. With its delay, the FDA is denying very-well-informed doctors and patients the freedom to "manage" the risks of untreated MS. "I haven't had any treatment in over a year," says Ms. Greenfield, who got one injection of Tysabri before it was withdrawn.

        Bartira Tibertius of Chicago faces the same predicament. She received Tysabri for a full 28 months as part of a clinical trial. "I was doing great. I even forgot that I was sick," Ms. Tibertius, a language teacher and translator, tells us. "But now I'm getting very, very scared. It's deteriorating and I know that," describing numbness and tingling in her hands, arms, feet and face. As for any possible risks from the drug, she says, "I'm more scared of not having Tysabri than having Tysabri. If you told me the Tysabri would shorten 10 years of my life I would do it. I want quality of life, not quantity."

        Her risk-benefit analysis is backed by the latest scientific evidence. Several recent studies reported in the New England Journal of Medicine conclude that, among other benefits, Tysabri appears to cut the number of new or expanding brain lesions in MS patients by 83%, and for many induces near-complete remission. Yet the FDA was unable to get its act together and meet its March deadline. It's still likely that Tysabri will return to the market, but the agency's apparent nonchalance in the face of progressive neurological damage is a sad spectacle

    • how's eln's stock AH?

    • The rotten fish stinks from the head & MULLEN is the head.

      He ruins the reputation of BIOGEN.

      He turns the MS patients against Biogen.

      He turns the stockholders against BIOGEN.

      He makes BIIB look inept, corrupt & unprofessional.

      No wonder noone wants to buy the stock.

      Mullen is trying to push a second class product off on a seemingly unsuspecting public.

      This is the electronic age MR. MULLENs.

      The public is not stupid.They can see right thru your evil spirit.

      Take your $1&1/2 million bonus & go.

      You are a disgrace to BIOGEN & a disgrace to humanity.

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